Current Building Activities

Cobb Rocket Oven – Water Heater – Earthship Jacuzzi – Underwater Classroom and Bamboo Vertical Garden Natural Filtration System

Experience life in our Bamboo House and join our build for the Earthship components of waste-recycling, Cobb and Eco-brick-building. Local Mastercraftsmen Supri Yanto and Arief Budi Basuki will be leading us through Cobb, Bamboo, Stone, Clay, Sand, Wood, Metal, Polypipe, Wat (hay) and Poop.

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Our current activities include: Making a Cobb rocket oven and water heating system, cobb and bottle walls in the lower storey of the house, a water-powered bamboo elevator for kids in wheelchairs to access the first-floor therapy-playspace (part of our crowd-funding request to buy materials and pay locals to help us), an Earthship-style Jacuzzi/ Hydrotherapy pool come underwater-classroom accessible for wheelchairs, vertical garden natural filtration system, methane biodigester, lele pond, toilet and water storage tank.

Bottle bricks are basically empty plastic bottles stuffed with plastic trash. Our tank will be 1.5m high and 3m long by 1.2m wide and will overflow into a lele (catfish) pond from which we will irrigate our bamboo vertical garden natural filtration system. Lele are carnivores and cannibalistic fishies – we could even feed our poop to them and they would gobble it up…. (traditional latrine method in parts of Indonesia use this method and apparently it doesn’t smell) but I’m going with the Methane/Biodigester at the moment as we live in an urban area. I would rather use the lele pond and fish poop to irrigate the vertical bamboo food gardens we are planning to incorporate into the design of the house. Because the methane digestion process is anerobic, there is no risk of e-coli contamination to our food plants (which will be root-watered anyway in a system similar to hydroponics). Methane will be stored in a rubbery plastic bladder (probably not recycled unfortunately) and will have a water bubbler and steel wool scrubbing system connected to an adapted gas stove.

If you would like to join us on our build and learn about natural building and earthship systems please register your interest below and complete the payment form.


Palawan Water Technology and Bamboo Treatment Outreach Trip November 12-27 2020

Located in a traditional/tribal area near Napsan Beach in the Salacot waterfall area, this gathering will take us to the Phillippines to the island of Palawan where we will learn to make a hydraulic ram pump (without electricity) to deliver water to a local homestay family. We will help construct a bamboo cottage and learn about bamboo treatment which villagers can use to extend the life of a bamboo building. 6 adult places available. Suitable for ages 8 and upwards and open to all abilities.


1 week flexible Internship Block/Workshop (purchase as many weeks as you plan to stay) or gift to someone from a lesser-developed country.

See our Outreach Page.

Also see our WORKSHOPS


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