Craft Workshops

Our Craft Workshops are a space for sharing skills and culture – with some basic/regular topics and also special / featured workshops from time to time. Our regular Bamboo Jewellry workshops are on Tuesday Mornings (9.30am – 12.30pm) and Bamboo Cups and Cutlery in the afternoon from 2-5pm. THe Workshops are primarily for adults but children are welcome to accompany parents.

In true upcycled fashion, this workshop utilises the offcuts and “trash” from our bamboo construction to illicit the beauty of bamboo on another level…. Learning about different way the grain works and is running, we will demonstrate how the bamboo can be split along the grain and how the texture varies through the “wood” – practically the opposite to tree wood (bamboo is a grass remember).

During this workshop we will take a look at a range of jewellery pieces and come up with ideas to define your style and sketch your design idea if needed … and then create from a blank piece of bamboo – shaping with a hand saw and chisels and using a modified bench grinder as a sanding wheel. We will demonstrate bead-making from recycled plastic bottles and we also have recycled HDPE plastic beads available to combine with your design.

Next using a hand drill and natural cord or wire and stainless fittings, we will string our pieces and attach using macrame. Lastly we will polish with Beeswax or seal with Tung oil (vegan option) and finally roll ourselves in some bamboo sawdust and make human dhupa… just kidding… We could light the cob oven and make pizza which would be more fun! So just let us know if you would like to add this option to your workshop.

Design and Create Bamboo Cutlery – Sporks and Spoons.

Our session starts with an introduction to our bamboo house design, freshly made Jamu and delightful Balinese snacks, followed by a demonstration of tool and safety induction. You can choose whether to work from a cutlery template or design your piece from scratch… We will be using hand-crafting / manual tools to fashion and hone our designs individually…. while learning about the grain and nature of the bamboo; techniques for creating the curves and angles. If there’s time, you can also make a bamboo cup/cutlery holder!

At the end of the workshop, you will have your own unique piece of cutlery that can travel anywhere with you, is ultra-light and finished with a natural-coating that is FDA-approved food-safe. See Airbnb for dates and availability and book directly or email us for an invoice.

Other things to note: We are an all-abilities creative and inclusive community space. Please let us know of any special needs requirements you may have.

Maybe it’s why the Balinese and other cultures who still retain crafting traditions always seem so relaxed… Through crafting, perhaps we can relearn to chill productively, be our own “chemical factory” and have the benefit of experiencing creative spontaneity while snapping off the intellectual hook that sometimes keeps us in the realm of the mind and over-thinking…

What else is on:

Traditionally, we bonded as women while crafting, weaving, gathering and/or preparing food. A lot of our sense of cultural isolation probably stems from the fact that we don’t “do” collaborative activities much anymore as part of our culture other than while listening to music and/or playing video games (which may or may not be beneficial for our brains) unless you are religious, or sporticious… As women we used to hang out/gather in groups and always “had each other’s backs”. No wonder we generally feel a bit “alone” in our modernity… Modern workspaces too can be quite the “anti-Gatherer” in terms of the sense of isolation and disconnection (to the point of anxiety sometimes depending on your disposition).

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