Bamboo Workshops

Do YOU want to learn to BUILD from bamboo?

This versatile renewable fast-growing material that could help save our planet from resource depletion

What you’ll learn:

The 101 Bamboo Knowledge

  • Bamboo Tools and Safety – using/choosing Knives and Tool maintenance
  • Basic Bamboo Techniques – Cutting, Splitting, Shaping & Weaving; Choosing and Harvesting BAMBOO; Maintaining Bamboo 
  • Onsite Construction, – different aspects of bamboo house construction will be covered including foundations, site drainage and plumbing, architects, teamwork, and site safety, .
  • Concept of a Bamboo Structure – Treatment of Bamboo, Materials, Age, Structure, Design, Local Traditions, Model-making, Joinery and Carpentry as applied to Design Principles for a structure
  • Finishing/Post Construction maintenance and longevity, costing and finance for bamboo buildings 

 On top of that we’ll tell you the SECRET of our tiny house bamboo design… See what’s going on now at our FACEBOOK PAGE.


Our vision

At Bamboo Creative, it isn’t just about construction, We are also looking at systems for the tropics that can help:

1. Reduce waste and Redirection of plastic throw-away

2. Lessen the need for Power consumption

3. Small Space/Urban Vertical Gardening for Food production

4. Grey-water systems and Energy from Human Waste

5. Education and Outreach to promote earth-friendly lifestyle practices and uptake of bamboo in developing countries

6. Affordable Construction Methods and Material Sources for the Local Population

Approaching a zero waste economy and community


@ Freyr’s Bamboo Sky-Kubu

CURRENT Workshops – Courses

We offer craft and basic carpentry and joinery for bamboo building and construction workshops (Our day workshops can also be viewed and booked in Airbnb Experiences.) Our workshops are designed to share skills for working with bamboo by getting to know the material practically. We provide all tools, training and safety induction We can also arrange specific one-on-one tutoring with our mastercraftsmen to develop your technique; offering product development programs for expert design mentorship (in-person and online)

Day Workshops

Bamboo Creative wants YOU – to be the change!

Check Availability of our Bamboo Carpentry and Joinery Workshops – on Air BNB Experiences

Our Course Collaboration Programs are centred around bamboo building and learning programs for earth-friendly systems that help to further development of educational tourism and community participation in Regenerative practices in Bali while enabling an authentic experience of local cultural life in Bali and greater Indonesia.

Carpentry/Construction/Natural Building Day Programs

The next workshop starting on 20th October 2021 is to build a small shade structure at the local volleyball court in Belega…

Find Out More>>>

Bamboo Internships

Available in-person and On-line

Study and Learn online – then attend your internship in-person for one month in Bali – Learning from Local carpenters/experts in bamboo: staying with a local family in a local homestay (built during the online internship). Your internship will be in teams of 2 or 4 people and you will have input into the design process and learn first-hand at the scale of building a bamboo room/small “homestay” building…

See our Internships Page for more Info and to sign up

Need more info?

Enquire here about availability:

Check out our Facebook page for the latest activity schedule.


More Programs….


Kid’s Club

Friends of Freyr kids program is open to all abilities at Freyr’s Bamboo Home in Denpasar for day activities and overnight/camp programs. Making bamboo swords, shields, bows and arrows, dolls/puppets, stilts, model houses, boats as well as cob (earth and straw) building, eco-brick (repurposed plastic) and cooking natural food and pizza-making. We have assistant staff and carers to help supervise group activities and assist special needs.

Our kids club activities encourage exploration, co-operation, imagination and development of manual building and problem-solving skills and aim to develop creativity and right-brain thinking. Open to all abilities, we offer day activities and camp programs. Our Kids Club at Freyr’s Bamboo Home is open to 4-7 year olds for the morning session (9.30-12pm) and 8-12+ year olds for the afternoon session (4-6.30pm) on Tuesdays.

We also offer Mobile Craft Sessions for Homeschooling Groups and Family Workshops See our KIDS CLUB PAGE for a more detailed schedule

Cob Building and Ecobrick

We host special group workshops for natural building with cob (mud mixture of clay, sand and dry grass) and ecobrick (empty plastic bottles stuffed with plastic trash) to promote the sequestration of plastic waste from our oceans and natural environment. See our Zero Waste page for more details. We’d love to host a workshop at your place and assist you in designing and implementing your own cob and ecobrik construction! Suitable for kids and adults 🙂

Bamboo Biasa Sunday Workshops

Introductory and Intermediate Carpentry & Weaving Workshops on Sundays 12.30pm – 4.00pm. This is a practical workshop starting with a site and safety introduction, light refreshment and discussion of our topic. We will share our experience building with bamboo and the design of our bamboo building which is based on a traditional rice barn (Lumbung) and take a tour of our building. Basic tool knowledge and techniques; joinery/carpentry styles will be demonstrated. Then you will get to apply this knowledge practically and be given the tools to try for yourself… (Available in-person and on-line by request).

Bamboo Creative Outreach – Seeing our world from a locals perspective and effecting change as One Community.

Blog Page – Latest News

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