Bamboo Workshops

Do YOU want to learn to create from bamboo?

This versatile renewable fast-growing material that could help save our planet from resource depletion

What you’ll learn:

The 101 Bamboo Knowledge

  • Bamboo Tools and Safety – using Knives and Tool maintenance
  • Basic Bamboo Techniques – Splitting, Shaping & Weaving
  • Onsite Construction, – different aspects of bamboo house construction will be covered depending on the building phase/stage. See what’s going on now at our FACEBOOK PAGE.
  • Concept of a Bamboo Structure – Materials, Age, Structure, Local Traditions
  • Making Bamboo Furniture and Decorations

On top of that we’ll tell you the SECRET of our tiny house bamboo design…



Our vision

At Bamboo Creative, it isn’t just about construction, We are also looking at systems for the tropics that can help:

1. Reduce waste and Redirection of plastic throw-away

2. Lessen the need for Power consumption

3. Small Space/Urban Vertical Gardening for Food production

4. Grey-water systems and Energy from Human Waste

5. Education and Outreach to promote earth-friendly lifestyle practices and uptake of bamboo in developing countries

6. Affordable Construction Methods and Material Sources for the Local Population

Approaching a zero waste economy and community

Workshop details:

We are constructing a bamboo house near Seminyak in Denpasar based on a Lumbung/Rice barn design that comes from Java (brought to Bali by Djuka Montero of Farmer’s Yard Permaculture Hostel in Canggu, Bali.) The original “knock-down” design has been elaborated into a “Bamboo Tiny Sky-shack!” Come and see for yourself and immerse yourself in the world of Bamboo…

We are building an Eco-friendly Urban Bamboo Home in the city for Freyr – our beautiful special-needs daughter who has Autism and Rubenstein-Taybi syndrome. With local craftsmen and artists, builders and friends from around the world…. we welcome you to join our family and experience “local life” in the vibrant urban area of West Denpasar bordering on Seminyak.. in our Bamboo Sky Shack!!

This Bamboo Tiny-House Earthship-inspired design is suitable for tropical and sub-tropical environments and is low-cost – able to be built by 4-6 people in an urban or rural area. The design demonstrates how bamboo can be utilised in the “modern sense” and appeals to developing country populations who have existing knowledge and skills in building with bamboo which are at risk of being lost due to the common perception that bamboo is “only for poor people – or the very rich”. SEE MORE ABOUT THE DESIGN.

Bamboo – because it’s a fast-growing renewable material, we want to share at a practical level how to preserve it and ensure its longevity. Many people in developing countries have existing skills (at risk of being lost) to work with this material but they are not “valued” because without proper treatment bamboo will only last 5-7 years, and most communities lack this practical knowledge.

Earthship – because, even though the Earthship ‘signature’ car tyres are not a freely available ‘indigenous’ material in SE Asia where we’re based (we pay $1-2 per tyre), our design aims to create a home that produces its own food and energy, deals with its own waste and lessens unsustainable resource consumption.

Tiny-house – because we aim for a maximum efficiency, low budget portable design that meet the needs of the changing world community who either a) live in developing countries and are bound by the financial constraints of living on low wages (less than $10/day), land area shortages and lack of material availabilty/affordability or b) are living in developed countries and prefer not to take up lifestyles and jobs which lead to further global decay and want to Be the change by living a low-consumption resource-friendly lifestyle and contribute to the proliferation of renewable innovative technologies.

Workshops – Courses

We offer half-day craft and basic carpentry, one day build, three, seven and ten day programs in bamboo building and construction. You can purchase your ticket here or at our SPECIALS price page (all valid for three years) and redeem it when you book through our course calendar (see our terms and conditions). Our half day and one day workshops can also be booked in Airbnb Experiences.

Led by local craftsmen Supri Yanto and local craftsmen, our workshops are designed to share skills for working with bamboo by getting to know the material practically.

NB. We provide all tools, training and safety induction – and you may also order/purchase your own tool kits (from basic carving tools to shaping knives, capentry knives etc). We can also arrange specific one-on-one tutoring with our mastercraftsmen to develop your technique or develop a product from bamboo.

Bamboo creative wants YOU – to be the change!

Supri Yanto

Supri Yanto, our workshop leader, is the designer of our bamboo house in Denpasar. A skilled craftsman and recycler, cob builder, designer and imaginator; he enjoys sharing his skills with others, meeting new cultures and aims to build “everything from garbage”. He embodies the Asian way of life of “helping together” and is a “heart-led” creator.

Bamboo Biasa Daily Workshops


Workshops start at 10am with a site and safety introduction, light refreshment and discussion of our workshop aims. We will share our experience building with bamboo and the design of our bamboo building which is based on a traditional rice barn (Lumbung) and take a tour of our building. The first part of the workshop will be based around learning an aspect of construction using bamboo and recycled materials. Basic knife tool techniques and joinery/carpentry styles will be demonstrated. Then you will be given the tools to try for yourself… Lunch is included and free-flow water is available. We can organise local transport to pick you up and drop you “home”. The workshop finishes at 3pm.

Book in Advance SPECIAL for Flexible attendance/prepayment:

Bamboo Creative Bali Day Workshops

Bamboo Creative Daily Workshops

10am to 3pm - Cost: AUD$48 per person


Don’t see the date you want?

All-ages Craft Workshops and Recycling Activities

Bamboo Spork (spoon/fork) Workshop

Through learning to make a spork, you will get to know the texture and grain quality of  bamboo and gain an understanding of how to work with it. From there, you can start to imagine your own designs for anything made of bamboo… 

Book here through AirBNB Experiences or purchase a gift card/voucher you can redeem at a later date (valid for 3 years)

Bamboo Jewellery Workshop

Held on Friday afternoons from 2-4.30pm at Freyr’s Bamboo Home in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Pre-purchase your gift-card for a special discount rate (valid for 3 years from purchase date)

Saturday drop-in Craft Workshop

We hold Drop-in Craft Workshops on Saturday afternoons 2-5pm – making jewellery, cutlery, lamps, insect houses, and other groovy things… Enjoy time to experience craft as a meditation and meet other travellers, locals and residents of Bali. Come along and get lost in bamboo!! Register below to join our workshops in Denpasar at Freyr’s Bamboo Home.

Check out our Facebook page for the activity schedule.


Saturday Craft Workshop

2-5pm Saturdays... Design and Create with Bamboo


Kid’s Club

Friends of Freyr kids club is open to all abilities at Freyr’s Bamboo Home in Denpasar for day activities and overnight camp programs. Making bamboo swords, shields, bows and arrows, dolls/puppets, stilts, model houses, boats as well as cob (earth and straw) building, eco-brick (repurposed plastic) and cooking natural food and pizza-making. We have assistant carers to help supervise group activities and assist special needs.

Our kids club activities encourage exploration, co-operation, imagination and development of manual building and problem-solving skills and aim to develop creativity and right-brain thinking. Open to all abilities, we offer day activities and camp programs.

Running on Mondays and Thursdays, our kids club is open to 4-7 year olds for the morning session (9.30-12pm) and 8-12+ year olds for the afternoon session (2-4.30pm). See our KIDS CLUB PAGE for a more detailed schedule

Cob Ecobrick Pizza Party

3pm to 8pm – every Saturday –

See our Internships Page for more intensive/longer workshops and bamboo house stays

Bamboo Creative Outreach – Seeing our world from a locals perspective and effecting change as One Community.

Blog Page – Latest News

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