HOW to keep plastic and trash out of the rivers, drains, landfills and oceans?

Currently most plastic waste where we live and where the bamboo house is located is burned or dumped in empty lots or drains leading to the ocean. Burning plastic has been shown to cause brain cancer so it’s not the most ideal method of disposal. Ecobricking prevents plastics ending up in landfill and leeching synthetic oestrogen’s into the environment which disrupt the endocrine systems of aquatic animals. Results of studies on these animals infers that, going up the food chain, synthetic estrogens (released from petroleum-based plastics into the environment) could have detrimental effects on human health and reproduction also.

We are encouraging people to put their plastic waste into bottles instead! And to then build with them.

It’s not quite a knitting circle but is a good opportunity for a chin-wag…

making ecobricks

Currently we are purchasing local ecobricks for Rp.3000 (for a well-packed plastic 1.5L brick). By seeing trash as valuable, we hope to help encourage habits that prevent degradation of the environment and to provide a low cost building material: by compressing soft plastic with a compacting stick into (used water, juice or soft drink) bottles – and then using these as “bricks” (you may have heard of the terms eco-bricks or ecobricking) which is basically using these bricks in building with cob – a mix of sand, clay and dry grass/hay) (preferably not cement) in building structures.

Bottle bricking is a great hand-eye co-ordination activity too.


The mighty ECObrick!

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Ecobrick-How: Bottle bricks are basically empty plastic bottles stuffed with plastic trash. Image courtesy of

By seeing trash as valuable, we hope to help encourage habits that prevent degradation of the environment and provide a low cost building material…

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We offer tailored workshops for groups and individuals wanting to combine/learn specific skills for ECO-BUILDING with Trash, Earth-building (Cob) and … Bamboo of course!

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The sound of waves rolling without plastic residue
Ecobrick antennae
Xavier from who came to share skills for making Cob Structures with us
Ecobrick cob wall
Building a Cob and Ecobrick wall
Ecobrick wall
Ecobrick exercise
Squishy fun exercise with Cob: a mix of sand, clay and dry grass to make building structures instead of cement/brick
Cob enlightenment
Cob-liberation!!! All we need is Earth, Sky, Air, and a bit of mud to roll in 😉
Cob builder
Sarah – one of our Helpers and Master Bottle Cutter