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Bamboo Creative is about creating inclusive village homestay environments which are self-sustaining and maximise the potential for people with disabilities to be included in day-to-day activities and have enriching life experiences, while enabling parents/carers to have some supported time-out to REVIVE themselves and connect with each other through sharing time and engaging in fun tactile and creative activites (natrual building, crafts, gardening, cooking, music and other skills/activities) collectively ‘brought to the table’.

We are building relationships with our local community, neighbours, local foundations and international helpers, artists and skilled professionals, therapists and interns to develop a village environment where our ‘kids’ can have meaningful social inclusion with the support of local staff; where we can learn and wholistically engage with local culture and spend time Being In-Community.

Natalie Davenport

Friends Of Freyr Revivement Village Family Support and Post-School Program in Bali invites families to be supported to have time-out together and join our Inclusive Natural-learning and Cultural activities… We are establishing a Special Needs Support Inclusive Activity Village program and Local Family Partnerships Program for people with disabilities to develop their own small business Everyone: ‘Special’ AND ‘not-so-special’ 😉 may come and be involved in holistically supported activities and learn about sustainable natural living -all while sharing in the beautiful local culture of Bali …

Bali Inclusive Family Time-Out Nature-based Activity Program

We welcome co-contribution towards forming the village housing and infrastructure at the Bedrock level (angel-investors) Ground Zero level (skill exchange for board), Workshops level (paid programs and internships), Family and Retreat & Timeshare level – in Regenerative village project developments and post-school programs for people with disabilities.

Participants who would like to join our special needs inclusion program can access the skills and environment for setting out to investigate their training and employment opportunities, and/or learning new skills to become part of the village framework with purpose.

Workshop participants in our daily bamboo workshops and outreach programs, skilled professionals and artists to join our team on an in-kind basis, parents/carers of special needs ‘kids’ (they will always be our kids), adults with special needs who want to hang out and get involved,.. Local businesses/collaborators, travelers and helpers, musicians, therapists and, teachers/educators are invited to contribute to our Vision and assist in its development.

Bamboo Collaborator VIP’s

Be our very special guest at Bamboo Creative Bali and Live, Breathe and Poop Bamboo with Us! Experience living in our Bamboo Tiny-house Earthship Sky Kubu and experience Local Life in our Urban Jungle Workshop in Denpasar, Bali…

VIP Internships are programs which work partly by exchange and co-contribution of skills to subsidise the cost of programs and are Intentional Agreements in the bigger picture of working towards sustainable visions collaboratively put into Action for humanity, which intend to bring into being the living Word and grow/pollinate Vital Light Villages around the world. Vital Light is a name for the next stage of developments and programs in our manifesto of/for co-operation and making the New Earth a reality of inclusion, fairness and awareness… And describes the way we are moving forward in what we choose to acknowledge and accept as real/true and in what serves humanity thus defining what we will give our divine and earthly energy towards in this coming age. You can find out more and apply for our VIP program below.

See how things work behind the scenes at Bamboo Creative Bali… We offer a sliding-scale contribution approach to make this learning accessible to the everyone: We are committed to finding ways to collaborate which are mutually beneficial for everyone.

For co-contributors in our – the rate is Rp.250,000 (AU$25) per day or (Rp.6,000,000 /AUD$600 per month) through your professional contribution or through your in-kind contribution towards enhancing the lives of our young people and those with disabilities and also through preserving and enhancing the environment and up-cycling/ sequestering and re-utilising waste in an earth-friendly capacity (3 hours/day). Please Contact Us to discuss details or fill out the form below.

If you’d like to chat directly about joining our programs you can send a Whatspp message, follow our Registration form link or make a Calendy Zoom appointment. Our 2023 program for Internships can be found HERE.

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inclusive village mindmap

We hope to enable a new Vision of our collective and individual experiences of living in an supportive environment… One which reconnects us as humans with our divine purposes and Essence – One of working together as a family… co-creating places where people can thrive… share cultures, share time, traditions, skills and experience.

We aim to move away from the Capitalistic mindset… towards a feeling of working together for the common good… to create spaces and relationships which are mutually beneficial and inclusive, opportunities to heal; time to be Human.

Twice a year we plan to facilitate Family Retreats (Group Gatherings) in Bali, and at other times, local and international families may come and stay with us individually and participate in our workshops and activities with a tailored program for your family’s needs depending on whether you would like more or less supported time and whether you would like to be accommodated at our bamboo home or prefer to stay at a hotel…. We offer in-house and mobile programs and support for special needs. We have connections with local hotels who have rooms which are accessible and are mindful of our guests/clients’ needs.

Our current programs contribute towards building the infrastructure of the greater village project and on creating a framework for special needs families to have a community and place of belonging and ease in Bali.

We offer exchange and paying capacity for friends/guests/visitors to come to Bali and learn about bamboo building, and in other ways to help with our project. Our Help-X page outlines ways we can exchange and help each other through our contribution. Also see our Internships page and Resident Artist page. Our BALI page covers what’s going on right now and ways you can join our current workshops/events… See our Crowd-Funding Campaign and help contribute to sustainable systems, natural learning, inclusive community and the completion of our First Bamboo Tiny House Homestay in BALI. ❤

Bamboo has been an outlet for me to unravel my mind and let go into just Being “IN” Experience. I find the bamboo soothing. I’m not the kind of person who can just sit and “meditate for hours” (though having a special needs child and the demands of this means i definitely SHOULD)… Bamboo is like an active meditation that engages my physical, mental and emotional bodies… And at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter that i produce a physical product or result (though that is nice for sure)… it’s more about being engaged in the Moment… feeling a relaxed momentum… and knowing that my daughter is safe and happy.
To be able to offer other parents and siblings of special needs children an environment which is nurturing and supportive, through self-expression, inclusion and opportunities to play/work/craft together, connect with their own creative source and share in this community-building experience … that’s my dream.
Natalie Davenport, Founder.
Natalie Davenport – Founder – Bamboo Creative Bali

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