Friends of Freyr – Inclusive Activities

Freyr’s Bamboo Sky-Kubu is intended to be a place where Freyr, my daughter who has special needs, can live, work and play – and where her friends (of all abilities) can come and be part of co-creating activities and events progressing towards the development of an inclusive community social enterprise model and supportive learning spaces for skills and cultural exchange…

We welcome guests to join our inclusive activity programs, workshops and supported stays… offering the opportunity to participate/engage in immersive/sensory natural building and tactile crafts with bamboo, cob, eco-bricks and recycled materials. Supporting the whole family and also enabling parents to take a break, have retreat/ self-care time (ask about our Carer Packages for supporting parents/carers who need some time out to find some solitude/sanctity for a little while…) “Kids” can stay in our dorm room with Freyr and our carers, and parents can stay too or we can arrange outside accommodation (hotel/homestay/retreat)… or we can provide in-home care at your own privately-booked accommodation. We have connections with local accessible hotels, resorts and retreats and know of several fabulous spots to unwind from Kintamani to Tabanan and Ahmed.

Friends of Freyr is an inclusive program for differently abled individuals, providing respite needs for families and opportunities to experience of local life in Bali by supporting participation in activities which are socially inclusive and offer meaningful learning/skills that enrich our experience of life by being IN COMMUNITY with others. We invite collaborations with local and international organisations, foundations, individuals and families to create awesome programs and activities; long stay, short stay and timeshare residential and day programs, and physical developments to cooperatively organise and establish shared-care activities and workshops where we can learn together, help each other and play – making a better life for everybody.

We are currently building an Outreach Project at Belega near Ubud for hosting an inclusive natural building and farming program – and our Bamboo Courses and Internships are helping to build/develop the framework for this project. Bamboo Creative Bali aims to create inclusive village homestay environments which are self-sustaining and maximises the potential for people with disabilities to be included in day-to-day activities and have enriched life experiences, while reducing the ‘care-burden’ on parents and carers through enabling a naturally supportive community environment.. We are working towards developing partnerships with our local school community, neighbours, local community and international helpers, artists and skilled professionals, therapists and interns to develop a village environment where our kids can be cared for and have meaningful social inclusion while also together learning and sharing knowledge and skills about sustainable building with bamboo and renewable materials.

Part of the evolution of this project is to co-found/create a post-school program for special needs – within which the inclusive village and community business model collaboration with local families and co-operative ventures comes into play through facilitating skills development and family partnerships as well as social exchange programs, local staff training and the opportunity to learn about bamboo construction and natural building. We want to enable participants to experience the family and cultural life of Bali as part of our Public Workshops, Social Exchange and Outreach Programs, and to develop the sustainability aspects and research topics of this project while contributing to the social fabric and to develop towards a community of those interested in learning, helping, sharing and restoring our natural health.

We tailor individual programs offering care and support for individuals, groups and families. Please get in contact to discuss individual needs and requirements. We work with local and international care/support workers and therapists and can assist with complex needs and nursing care and/or onsite 24 hour medical support, support with transitioning and social stories… Offering care-support for children as well as adults with special needs disabilities on a full-time or part-time basis,- FIND OUT MORE..

Our inclusive program offering Respite – in-house stays – hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

“My aim is to provide a space for activities where young people and adults with disabilities feel included and to ease the ‘care burden’ for parents of special needs children. Through enabling access to inclusive activities and helping build our space, volunteers and guests participate in learning and sharing, music and dance, play-therapies, food-making, and sharing time building and crafting with bamboo. I aim to create a collaborative model which enables my daughter to be part of a sustainable long-term community village co-operative in partnership with a local partner non-profit organisation, other families and organisations.”

“I wish to share with others a Vision for living in Revivement Community – and to assist other families in planning for and creating their own visions for living sustainably and with supportive natural community with tangible means. Membership in this program enables the development of this Vision in Bali and in creating a network of REvivement villages – co-creating events which will enable groups of families to have supported time out and create a wider discussion platform for moving our daily lives collectively towards this reality.”

This program is open to all ages and abilities wishing to participate in fun activities which bring people together to share in learning about Indonesian culture and crafting while developing creativity and right-brain skills/ thinking and embodying the spirit of “helping together”.

If you would like more information about this Revivement Village Project – email your request to:

Personal Disability Support Rates (24 hour support)

  • AUD $520 – 3 days/2 nights
  • AUD $1140 – weekly (7 days)
  • AUD $5232 – one month (up to 30 days)

This is a special Membership Pre-payment Rate for Advance Bookings.

*Bookings may be altered/rescheduled up until 7 days prior to scheduled arrival date (except in the case of a natural disaster – in which case a full reschedule/refund will be available for any time “lost”.

Check out our Workshops and Internships pages for more info about our programs and activities.

Activities are tailored to your needs and can range from spending relaxing days at the beach and/or touring around to fun activities in our bamboo and natural building workshops at home or in Belega at our Outreach project. We have a dorm with 4 bunk beds and which is shared with our Care Staff. NB. The dorm is not yet wheelchair-accessible but we hope to have accessibility to the first floor of our bamboo house completed by March 2023 where we have a partitioned wheel-chair suitable bed/ sleeping area (double bed) for guests.

Want to join us?

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