Friends of Freyr

Friends of Freyr is an inclusive program for Special Needs and Different Abilities, aimed to provide special needs families and individuals an opportunity to have a social and cultural experience of local life in Bali and to visit and participate in activities and meet family respite needs. Our aim is to develop social inclusion and meaningful participation in worthwhile ventures that enrich our experience of life by being IN COMMUNITY with others. We offer care support for children as well as for adults with special needs who require assistance/support on a part time or full time basis.

Providing support for children/young adults with special needs on a part time or full-time basis, we welcome guests to join our inclusive activity programs. We offer respite/ in house stays hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. We can come and work with you in your home/ with family up to 2 weeks and then accompany and provide support during travel for up to 30 days. We tailor individual programs and work with local care/support workers and nurses. Please get in contact to discuss individual needs and requirements. There may be some price variation for complex needs and nursing care and/or onsite 24 hour medical support.

Freyr’s adventures… Sjakitarius Centre 2016

Our aim is to provide a space for activities where young people and adults with disabilities feel included and to ease the ‘care burden’ for parents of special needs children. Through enabling access to inclusive activities and helping build our space, volunteers and guests participate in learning and sharing, music and dance, play-therapies, food-making, and sharing time building together and crafting. Our aim is to create a collaborative model which enables people with special needs to be part of a sustainable long-term community village co-operative in partnership with a local partner non-profit organisation, other families and organisations.

We can assist in supporting parents/carers who need some time out to find some solitude/sanctity for a little while… “Kids” can stay in our dorm room with Freyr and our carers or we can arrange outside accommodation and support at a hotel. Parents can also stay here or close by – or at another location. We have connections with local hotels, resorts and retreats and know of several fabulous spots to unwind from Kintamani to Tabanan and Ahmed.

Disability Support rates

Accommodation, Inclusive Program and Meals

Disability Support Rates (Commercial)

Rates include all physical support, and activity co-ordination and care support staffing in AUD for non-generalised Personal Support

Please note, we have distinguished the price of disability assistance and support from the accommodation, meals and activity program below. Currently we are offering a discount for immediate/upfront payment for care services which may be booked flexibly below (I.E. you may adjust your booking with appropriate notice – see our terms and conditions*).Email us your request here

Special discount for Early Bird payment (24 hour care rate) for stays at Freyr’s Bamboo Home

  • AUD $520 – 3 days/2 nights
  • AUD $1140 – weekly (7 days)
  • AUD $5232 – one month (up to 30 days)

*Bookings may be altered/rescheduled up until 7 days prior to scheduled arrival date (except in the case of a natural disaster – in which case a full reschedule will be available – even if the booking has commenced).

*NB We are not yet fully wheelchair-accessible but hope to install an elevator to the first floor in the near future.

Friends of Freyr Revivement Village Program

For International families with special needs kids, or adults with special needs, we welcome you to be our guests and join us for supported/inclusive day-workshops and stays …. giving you and/ or your family member/s with special needs the opportunity to engage in learning skills in natural building and have tactile and sensory experiences with cob, bamboo, cob, eco-bricks and recycled materials (craft can be quite meditative too). While parents can join in, they are also quite welcome to take a break, have retreat/ self-care time, go to the beach, get a massage, do yoga, or work online…

Everyone is welcome to join our activities at the bamboo house with building and making crafts from bamboo, recycling and up-cycling… I like to share with others my own vision for living in Revivement Community with my daughter and would like to discuss and create the potential for such villages to exist in Bali, Lombok, Australia and other countries also. And, I look forward to evolving this idea with others and co-creating events which will enable groups of families to have supported time out and create a wider discussion and platform to make it a tangible reality.

As the founder of Bamboo Creative Bali, I am passionate about natural building and design, experimentation, raising awareness and sharing skills that can make building bamboo homes sustainable, affordable and accessible – especially for People LIVING IN “developing countries” who make up around 70% of the global population of our planet. Weaving, craft and other right-brain activities promotes healing in our brains, and at a local level maintains skills and traditions, and promotes the value of bamboo as a sustainable building material/resource.

Part of the evolution of this project is to co-found a post-school aspect to this program – in the form of an inclusive village collaboration with other families and cooperatively reaching a standard and benchmark for Inclusive Disability Village Design – which will be facilitated through Homestay Retreats, Workshops and Gatherings, Social Activities and Online Programs – also there will be opportunity to learn bamboo construction and natural building (a big draw-card for our volunteers) and offer workshops for the public, as well as Outreach Tours for those interested in learning and helping develop the sustainability aspect and research areas/topics of this project. Below is a mind-map of the overall components of this Vision.

I have a separate website evolving a Vision for inclusive collaborative care and community formation at

If you would like more information about this Revivement Village Project – send an email request – subject: More Info to:

and check out our Workshops and Internships pages for more info about our programs.

We have a kids dorm with 4 bunk beds. NB. The dorm is not yet wheelchair-accessible but we hope to have accessibility to the first floor of our bamboo house completed by March 2022 where we conduct most of our activities and have a partition-able wheel-chair suitable bed/ sleeping area (double bed) for guests to stay.

Friends of Freyr Logo image of an elephant-love heart logo representing the elephant people who care for eachother as a family and our planet

Freyr’s Bamboo Home – Denpasar, Bali.

Scheduled activities include bamboo-building and craft, cob (earth and straw) building, eco-brick (repurposed plastic), cooking natural food and pizza-making. Our day programs and overnight camps are run at Freyr’s Bamboo Home in Denpasar, 15min from Seminyak Beach.

Want to join us?

Care Assistance Enquiries

If you would like to know more about what Care Assistance, Accommodation and/or Transport and Activity Programs/Tours we can offer, please select a communication option below.

My Story

Originally from Australia, my daughter Freyr and I have been living outside Australia since the start of 2016… we stayed in the Philippines with local families for about 8 months. Being in a family environment eased the care burden for me and helped me through a very challenging time when I was experiencing Overwhelm regularly and was at the point of “Carer Breakdown”. I remain so grateful to the families in Philippines who helped me when I couldn’t get the support I needed for my daughter in Australia. Thanks to the kindness and generosity of these families in sharing their lives with us, we experienced inclusion and quality of life that was not possible for us living in Australia. I was able to regain my balance, well-being, restore my mental health and keep my daughter in my care. Freyr was welcomed, adored and surrounded by kids who enjoyed playing clapping games, singing and parading around with her. She definatley fitted in with her new tribe which brought her friends and activites that I as a parent had been unable to keep up with… I can really see why they say “It takes a village to raise a child”… certainly it takes a village-community to raise a special needs child. There was nothing I “needed” to achieve but there was work to be done. I could take a swim in peace and close my eyes for a few minutes and feel the sunshine through my eyelids and forehead activating I don’t know what chemical or hormone centre inside my brain but gee it feels good when I can close my eyes and switch off for long enough to recharge my brain like that.

During our time staying with these families I was led on a journey into local life and living conditions, family values and to marvel at how people co-operate and work together. With the support I received, I was able to turn my attention and participate in construction and to learn about local building: help finance and build and some small family projects to help the families earn their own income through small livelihood projects: A fish-farm pond in the mangroves, a partial bamboo studio/office room and a bamboo homestay cottage were the main projects i worked on with these families. I soon learned about termites and powder beetles and this is what brought me to Bali originally (to learn about preservation treatment for bamboo). We were getting closer to accessing funding through NDIS for Freyr and so we relocated to Bali in late 2016.  I guess you could say that I’m primarily here for Freyr… but I have also had this amazing opportunity to learn about and experience building with bamboo and have been enabled time to focus on myself and put my hand to something that interests me quite a lot.

Freyr also got to go to school while staying with one family and was part of a special class for Autistic children in Puerto Princessa. She made some lovely friends and I hope to return one day and bring Bamboo Treatment and Hydrolic Ramp pump classes to help these lovely heartfelt people have better quality of life/access to technology.

Now I see bamboo as a Therapy for me actually. It’s a way for me to be present, focused and enables me to share time and conversation with others. Also like the community-farming experience my daughter and my friends and I had with our local Bhutanese refugees in Cairns…. Westernised cultures seem to have lost this “space” and “tranquility” that comes (I believe) with working together in Community (for the common good – not ourselves so much)… when our lives were more simple… collecting hay, scything the field etc etc… we had very little mental health problems. . When I start experiencing anxiety/overwhelm now, I alert myself to it and just gently step back, go downstairs, find my tools, get focused into feeling things/textures (like my cob oven) and breathing gently to slow down my sympathetic nervous system, reduce the cortisol/adrenalin and activate the parasympathetic… Within 15 minutes of throwing some bamboo on the floor and experimenting with a weaving pattern… I suddenly noticed that my anxiety had disappeared.

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