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The Internships Level of Bamboo Creative Bali is part of our Workshops Programs which contribute to local Regenerative Agriculture and Regenerative Community projects with eighteen percent of the funds raised dedicated to making bamboo affordable for local people and furthering our Outreach Project goals and local Regeneration programs/projects.

By paying in-advance deposit on your internships, you are helping us to build our bamboo bank, local farmer program and local projects such as Bamboo Art Bali school Homestay with local carpenters at Belega and other local projects to enable accessibility/affordability of modern bamboo technology to local people – starting with our partner and participants in the Astungkara Way ecosystem and learning environments along the Astungkara Way Trail – a pilgrimage and agroforestry education program spanning the north-south coast of Bali uniting tourism with foundational projects which create REAL Regenerative and practical change and innovation at a local level. (read more about Astungkara Way)

We are creating programs which enable local farmers and communities to access and explore renewable and affordable methods for reinventing or revitalising bamboo in the eyes of local people especially – as it is local people globally who’s impact and choice of lifestyle/s in the next 20-30 years that is going to have the greatest impact potentially on climate change mitigation… In general we can only comprehend a limited world view/view of reality from our place of relative privilege in where culture and society as a globe is placed and exists… Having lived alongside local people in Bali and in the Philipinnes in terms of seeing everything from what a house is built out of, to what people sleep on, to how they boil water in the morning to make coffee to where they poop and shower and get water from… and then timesing that by 70% or more of the world population ! … which is a challenge to comprehend …

I disagree that urbanisation is the way forward for the world population as a whole…. Wholey: I disagree with this worldview that many people in developed countires hold. I offer that, as it’s been our privilege since Colonisation and since the literal rape of other cultures’ way/s of survival and economy (and not saying everything was perfect before Colonisers/the colonial system arrived/conquered but…) it’s about time we as westerners acknowledge the privileged position we continue to have/hold and utilise the power/capacity of financial resources in the current and future financial systems to ensure that the HUGEST segment of the world population- who continue to live on less than $10 a day in most cases… to ACCESS technology that can make their life greener, “easier” /more conveninet and less-polluting (which exists but may not be judged as having high economic returns) and enable these people to make awesome livelihoods out of Staying and being Custodians of Their traditional lands and fending off this terrible trend of selling off their land/s and migrating to cities in search of a ” better life “. I mean, I think a reason they dont already have a better life is because economic resources have been divided unfairly and hogged basically through capitalistic culture…. I mean, these people cant go outside a pick money off a tree… or borrow money to start a business…. unless you live in a cement house with a tile roof, you cant borrow money from a bank! So there’s incredible disadvantage and disincentive to maintain a lifestyle close to nature that’s non or less-polluting than what would be produced living in an urban environment where more plastic is consumed, fossil fuels etc etc.

I’m over ivory castles and working in government- I admire the people that can do it and have the nouse to talk the talk but I am a practical person who’s born to do the work and GO OUT THERE – not sit behind a desk and write grants (which are a top-down approach and helpful too of course)… I beleive we just gotta get out there and START doing it – and bureaucracy will catch up in its own sweet time if it can… and I trust Divine Timing and that now we actaully ARE in the new age and geebies creebies – we better be ready for some awesome synthesises and magnetic magical collaborations spanning all spectrums on this rainbow bridge we are creating to the future… i mean in creating this rainbow bridge… I mean… hey that’s just words – I’ve always been a bit ahead of trends as they’ve come and gone and this now feels like the biggest thing i was born to do and become in this life/lifetime… Now is the time! Time to BE the change!!

If you’d like to join our Online Internships supporting this initiative I am/have created a Facebook group where you will have access to see all the videos (mainly live videos but there will also be links to Youtube videos I’ve edited (hopefully) 🤪… That’s an area I really need help with but in the present form they capture the essence of all the general project areas from local building projects and learning techniques to progress on the local farmer program… Its all going to be in one place and you can choose how much you wish to pay/contribute as … as is my main goal – this content needs to be made accessible to anyone in the world who may not have the exonomic means to pay for premium content but most needs the knowledge!!!

You can get that HERE. Also you can support the building of the Bamboo Art Bali bamboo school by pre-purchasing a one month stay (accommodation only) here:

Below is a basic schedule of what’s going on if you Would like to join us here in Bali for practical hands-on experience and the Internship program for an accessible bamboo school at Bamboo Art Bali in Belega near Gianyar… which you can see more of/about on the general Facebook page.

Bamboo Practical Internships…

A comprehensive orientation to the world of bamboo: From propagation and sourcing, to treatment of bamboo, construction design principles, safe use of tools, measurement and cutting, joinery and carpentry techniques for bamboo… a hands-on experience developing confidence around the basic concepts and techniques of working practically with bamboo. Through this program you will gain experience of the design process and be able to trial out ideas for building a small bamboo structure with the guidance of expert bamboo carpenters.

October – December Schedule:

Join our Bamboo Interns in Bali in-person or online and help support the building of our local Bamboo School Programs...

Week 1 (building course): 27, 28, 29 (30, 31) October At Belega Village – basic structure building a small gazebo at the volleyball court in Bamboo Art Bali’s village (builders of amazing bamboo structures around Bali)

Week 2 (building course): 3, 4, 5 November Belega – ferros cement roof structure for bamboo building and traditinal art/decoration.

Week 3 (off – Galunan) (8 – 14 November) 10, 11, 12 Pererenan

Week 4 (off Kuningan) (15 – 21 November) 17, 18, 19 Pererenan Build

Week 5 (22 November) 24, 25, 26 – Sandan Farm/Belega

Week 6 (29 November) 1, 2, 3 December – Belega Homestay Build

Week 7 (4 December) 6, 7, 8 December – Belega Homestay Build

Week 8 (11 December) 13, 14, 15 December – Belega Homestay Build

Week 9 (18 December) 20, 21, 22 December – Planting Program

Week 10 (25 December) 29, 30, 31 December – Astungkara Way Weaving

Join us for Orientation Week for our Internship Program and learn about setting up a treatment plant for Vertical Soak Diffusion. Week 1 and 2 are 3 – 5 day sessions to build a bamboo structure at Sandan farm; then Galunan and Kuningan (Hindu religious ceremonies) require us to pause when we will move to Pererenan and build a bamboo marquee and possibly some sports equipment; in week 5 we will be between Sandan and Belega where, depending on participation numbers, we will begin building a Homestay where future practical Internshippers will stay… You can join our Internship program from start to finish or join our expeditions and workshops on a weekly or one-off basis.

Course Fee/Tuition Rates:

Daily Rate Rp.500,000 (early bird pre-booking) – Rp.650,000 on the day.

Weekly rate (3 day program) Rp.1,300,000 (early bird pre-booking rate) Rp.1,500,000 short notice (less than 7 days)

Whole Program (10 weeks) : Rp.11,000,000 (upfront payment required)

Accommodation in a local homestay is Rp.125,000/night (includes breakfast). Transport should be provided by you – let us know if you need assistance. Meals – lunch is provided.

Bamboo Creative Online Internship

You can start your internship online with us and accompany us by video/zoom along with some recorded sessions alongside our local farmer program for working with bamboo… This online program will cover the growing, maintenance and harvesting of bamboo as well as options for treatment of bamboo to ensure insects don’t damage/eat the bamboo – with the making of a traditional treatment process working alongside Astungkara Way at the Rural Farmers Learning Centre at Abiansemal.

By helping to make knowledge available to local farmers and make an assessment on the economic potential and benefits of treating bamboo non-chemically, we hope that more local farmers (not just in Bali but worldwide) will gain access to this method of treatment which can lengthen the lifespan of bamboo and also lower the cost of production. Though this process can get a bit smelly, by raising awareness and sharing this knowledge, it could incentivise more farmers to grow bamboo on their land/s.

The video-based sections of this workshop will be being made primarily for local farmer groups and help to raise local awareness of sustainable management of bamboo. During the online program we will follow the building of a “homestay” room (practical internship program) – and demonstrate bamboo joinery and explain concepts of bamboo design and characteristics of the bamboo. When you come to Bali for the practical component of your Internship, you can stay in the Home-stays we have made during this course and your building project will help to build another homestay for local people in Bali. This program/project has extension units that aid in developing the Astungkara Way trail and demonstrate affordable low-tech sustainable building methods – which combined with our practical programs – enables the continued outreach and education for local people on making sustainable and viable economic Local businesses.

Some modules are being offered as video-units which are currently in production: please register your interest on the form below and get a special early-bird discount when you SIGN UP.

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Fill out your details to receive the full course outline:


Drop us a line to register your interest and to secure your place.

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Bamboo VIPs

Be our very special guest at Bamboo Creative Bali and Live, Breathe and Poop Bamboo with Us! Experience living in our Bamboo Tiny-house Earthship Sky Kubu and experience Local Life in our Urban Jungle Workshop in Denpasar, Bali…

Jump into our course programs and see how things work behind the scenes at Bamboo Creative Bali… We offer a sliding-scale contribution approach to make this learning accessible to the everyone: We are committed to finding ways to collaborate which are mutually beneficial for everyone.

For co-contributors in our VIP Internships – the rate is Rp..250k (AU$25) per day session (Rp.6.25 juta(million) /AUD$630 per month) through your professional contribution or traded through your in-kind contribution preserving and enhancing the environment and up-cycling/ sequestering and re-utilising waste in an earth-friendly capacity (3 hours/day).. Please Contact Us to discuss details.

Bamboo Creative Workshop Internship 1 week package

All inclusive 7-day Accommodation, Tuition, Tour package: Accommodation in the bamboo house and daily meals are included. Also includes: Saturday afternoon Bamboo Crafting workshop and Sunday Afternoon Plastic hunt and hot spring tour in Penebel.


VIP Day Internship

Day Workshop One on One Instruction for developing your skill and/or bamboo product. Available Monday to Friday. Our VIP interns get one-on-one assistance for 4-5 hours to focus on and develop their chosen skill/product. Our morning starts at 9.30 with fresh jamu/coconut water/coffee and brief intro and chat about what your aims are (you can have input prior so we can tailor the workshop to your needs). You will have all-day with us one-on-one basically and you will be given instruction and then time to try yourself and continue your individual project. We will be assisting you where necessary… Indonesian-style lunch with vegan options and time for chatting. We continue into the afternoon finishing at around 3pm. Tutoring sessions can be booked in advance at Rp.750,000 (AUD$75)/session with our master-craftsmen.

VIP Day Internship

Day Workshop One on One Instruction for developing your skill and/or bamboo product. Available Monday to Friday.


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