Carpentry and Construction

Join us for an introductory Day Workshop on basic Bamboo skills, Joinery and construction, and make a miniature/model of a bamboo structure… See availability and details on AirBNB experiences

Craft with bamboo

Find your own Zen learning to Craft with bamboo… Small Craft, Weaving and Product Design Workshops 

Half day crafting workshops offering courses in bamboo cutlery, weaving, bamboo jewellery and other groovy stuff as well as customised sessions for adults and kids too… Making toys and up-cycling materials; Kids Workshops – we have topics suited for age groups: 3-6 and 7-12 years with in-house and mobile workshops for regular programs with local schools/ homeschoolers by appointment and also one-off events. 

Special events:

Bamboo, Eco-brick & Cob Workshops – Invite us to facilitate a Eco-workshop/eco-event at your school or community centre… or come to our Bamboo House Project in Denpasar. We deliver a 3-part bamboo, ecobrick and cob hands-on contact workshop for learning skills in natural building with bamboo and cob, and incorporating responsible disposal of plastic trash and building with it! We can cater for up to 20 people at our project site in Denpasar. 

At Bamboo Creative, it’s not just about bamboo – but also up-cycling to prevent unnecessary waste and to re-utilise resources and also rehabilitation and restoration of our environment – reaching out to local community groups and businesses to create collaborative practical projects which can make a difference to peoples’ equality/quality of life, living standards and practices that either seek to serve or degenerate the environment. We support the former through co-creating projects which facilitate community and environmental well-being and education through enabling PRACTICAL skills and innovations to be applied in Local Communities AND enable equitable access to what we present and promote. These topics will be presented through upcoming special workshops for which we rely on support through our PAID WORKSHOPS in the areas of BAMBOO CRAFT and GENERAL CONSTRUCTION which you will find links to details on below:

Our current focuses:

  • Creating a traditional Bamboo Treatment plant and investigating the process and economic viability of treating bamboo through Studying and Analysing Bamboo Traditional Treatment methods using fermentation of the bamboo as practiced by previous generations of cultures akin with bamboo. .
  • Mangroves and Fisheries management and ecology – Circular Economy generation through facilitating workshops to bring fishery silviculture technology from local Research Institutions to the mangrove communities covering 400 hectare of mangrove wetlands between Bali’s International Airport and Benoa Bay/Nusa Dua Peninsula.
    • Making fishery ponds using a synthesis of modern research technology and traditional bamboo materials, – training local fisherman in the skills of cultivating fish for the mangroves.
    • Facilitating workshops with Plastic Exchange to encourage youth in the communities around the peninsula to get involved in Mangrove Habitat rehabilitation and Fisheries Management
    • Employing and Training Fisherman to become teachers in our bamboo programs and seed entrepreneur mangrove-based projects based on circular economy principles
  • Designing and Building cost-effective bamboo structures which are attractive and affordable for/to people living in post-colonised countries who generally can not afford the types and styles of bamboo building common in popular modern popular architecture.
  • Harvesting and maintenance of bamboo plants and clumps – and propagation of bamboo

What are you interested in learning about? Get in touch here and we’ll keep you informed about upcoming programs. Also it helps us to gauge interest and commitment which determines when we run our programs at present.

Bamboo Courses/Longer Programs

Past Workshops:


This month we are building a shade shelter at the volleyball court at Belega – Bamboo Art Bali’s village in Gianyar. On 20th October we will make the foundations which will sequester some unrecyclable plastic trash and the main construction will commence on 27th – 29th October; then on 3-5 November we will complete the structure and make the roof in a low-cost style with mesh and cement render.

This is an adult’s workshop and ideal for anyone wanting to learn hands-on bamboo carpentry skills. The idea for this design came from a current intern during a model-making session who wants to make a bamboo pergoda for a garden setting. The workshop is limited to 6 participants. Pease find the sign-up link below.

Bamboo Kursus:

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