Bamboo Workshops

Our Bamboo Workshops are focused on learning skills for bamboo design, carpentry and construction with Day Workshops, Apprenticeship Courses and Internship programs for working with bamboo through getting to know the material practically. We provide all tools, training and safety induction. Our learning programs are inclusive and designed to give you the skills to understand the fundamentals of bamboo design and the nature of the material as well as experience in building something from bamboo.

Come and learn about bamboo directly from the bamboo masters… and experience village life in Bali. . . See our Bamboo Day Course and Apprenticeship programs for Hands-on Training – in-person and online; for groups and individuals.

Bamboo Creative Bali Day Workshops

Day Workshop Programs

Day WORKSHOPS (also available on AirBNB experiences)…. and tailored one-on-one tutoring with our master-craftsmen – as well as for crafting anything from cutlery, jewellery, and kids toys, to a table or treehouse…

We offer Introductory to Intermediate Carpentry & Joinery practical day workshop tutoring for groups and individuals with our master-craftsmen to develop your skills and also to assist on technique/design aspects of building a bamboo structure and making a miniature/model of a bamboo design.

Day Workshop 10am to 3pm

Pre-purchase here for 20% discount. Redeemable until December 2025


Bamboo Course and Internship Training

Longer programs for Hands-on skills development through practical bamboo building experience. From harvesting and treatment of the bamboo to designing structures, making foundations, carpentry, joinery, building and finishing and maintaining a bamboo structure.

On-line mentoring for building design and construction also available.

2 week Hands-On Program

6 days/week 8.30am – 4pm


Outreach Programs ↗

At Bamboo Creative, it’s not just about bamboo – but also up-cycling to prevent unnecessary waste and to re-utilise resources – co-creating projects which facilitate community and environmental well-being and education through enabling PRACTICAL skills and innovations to be applied in Local Communities through upcoming special workshops and collaborations.

Our regular programs create a framework to seed/enable the development of our Outreach projects  where you may come and attend your internship now or at a later date – A percentage of funds are also used to collate course content and videos to be made available online and accessible… see our Facebook page for updates.

We host weekly and monthly regular programs where you can learn bamboo skills for small-scale to larger construction projects, bamboo art, traditional techniques and methods for design and crafting and interior design and furniture along with earth-building programs (with Josh Geiger – Natural Building Teacher and Designer) and up-cycled earthship-style low-cost construction techniques. See our current schedule below:

June 22 – July 52 week Hands-On Bamboo Build (start to finish)
July 6 – 12Hyperbolic Stairwell and Water tower (1 week)4 spots
July 20 – Aug 22 weeks Interior Fit-out – Walls, Framing, Windows, Artesian Bamboo Work
August 3 – 9Clay/Lime-straw infill/insulation panels (1 week)4 spots
August 17-30 2 week Creative Project and Apprenticeship Training
Aug 31 – Sept 6Bamboo Wattle and Daub (1 week)8 spots
Sept 14 – 27Bamboo Internship Training Course
Sept 28 – Oct 4Earthen/Natural Plasters (1 week)10 spots
Oct 12 – 25Bamboo Internship Training Course
October 26 – 1 NovemberBamboo and Clay/Lime plaster wall panels (1 week)10 spots
November 9 – 22Bamboo Internship Training Course
November 23 – 29Sacred Geometry and Sustainable Design (1 week)10 spots
December 7 – 20Bamboo and Earthbuilding Internship Training Course
December 21 – January 3Earthbuilding Party15 spots
January 16 – 21Earthbuilding and Bamboo Course20 spots

Pre-purchase your program and support the building of the Belega Bamboo School. Redeemable for 3 years from purchase date.

1 week Internship

6 day program to learn Bamboo Joinery and Carpentry 8.30am – 4pm


2 week Hands-On Program

6 days/week 8.30am – 4pm


2 week Bamboo Course and 1 week Internship Program

(3 weeks total Full-time or 6 weeks part-time) Bamboo Building Program Full-time 6 days/week 8.30am to 4pm (Sunday off)


Join our Bamboo Apprentices and get in on the building of our Local Bamboo School and Regenerative Homestay Projects...

Bamboo Biasa – Carpentry and Construction

Day Workshop

Join us for an introductory Day Workshop on basic Bamboo carpentry skills and construction where we share our experience building with bamboo and the design of our bamboo building…. Basic tool knowledge and techniques; joinery/carpentry styles will be demonstrated and then we work together to make a bamboo item of your choice; You will get to apply your new knowledge practically and be given the the tools to try for yourself… and take home your creation! Check Availability for Carpentry and Joinery Workshops – on Air BNB Experiences or enquire here about availability.

Our morning starts at 10am with fresh jamu/coconut/coffee and brief intro and chat about what we will do and you can have input/ask any questions/ so we can tailor the workshop to your needs. You will have all-day with us one-on-one basically and you will be given instruction and then time to try yourself and continue your individual project. Indonesian-style lunch with vegan options at 12.30pm for an hour; time for chatting (we are good at chatting). And continue into the afternoon finishing at 3pm.

Where: ->Freyr’s Bamboo Sky Kubu (in Denpasar) which borders the Seminyak green belt of Urban Rice Fields… and at Belega (near Ubud) at our Bamboo School Collaboration with Balinese master-craftsmen.

Day Workshop 10am to 3pm

Pre-purchase here for 20% discount. Redeemable until December 2025


Craft with bamboo

Learning bamboo skills to build with bamboo

Find your own Zen learning to Craft with bamboo… Bamboo and Small Craft, Weaving and Product Design Workshops

Bamboo Craft and Small Design Project Day Workshops offering courses in bamboo cutlery, weaving, bamboo jewellery and other groovy stuff as well as customised sessions for adults – and kids are welcome too. See AirBNB Experiences for our Craft Workshop Schedule

Join us as a VIP Intern to develop your bamboo skill and contribute to our Outreach project aims... Get in touch and we'll keep you informed about upcoming programs.... find the latest updates on our BLOG

Kids Workshops

Working with bamboo, making toys and up-cycling materials; We offer in-house and mobile workshops for regular in-house programs with local schools/ homeschoolers by appointment and also one-off events. See our Kids Club Page for more information – we have topics suited for age groups: 3-6 and 7-12 years with in-house and mobile workshops for regular programs with local schools/ homeschoolers by appointment and also one-off events. … All Our programs are Inclusive with special needs support is available for groups and individuals.

Specialised Day Workshops and Custom Events:

Bamboo, Eco-brick & Cob Workshops:

We host special group workshops for natural building with cob (mud mixture of clay, sand and dry grass) and ecobrick (empty plastic bottles stuffed with plastic trash) to promote the sequestration of plastic waste from our oceans and natural environment. See our Zero Waste page for more details. We’d love to host a workshop at your place and assist you in designing and implementing your own cob and ecobrik construction! Suitable for kids and adults 🙂 Invite us to facilitate a Eco-workshop/eco-event at your school or community centre… or come to our Bamboo House Project in Denpasar. We deliver a 3-part bamboo, ecobrick and cob hands-on contact workshop for learning skills in natural building with bamboo and cob, and incorporating responsible disposal of soft-plastic trash and building with it! We can cater for up to 20 people at our project site in Denpasar (or mobile). Learn skills in natural building with bamboo, cob, bottle/eco-bricks and recycled materials and craft/design: with sliding scale options for in-kind/financial contribution.

or send us a message:

For bamboo consultations, design advice and private workshop sessions: Make a time to chat with us.

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