Bamboo Workshops

Come and experience village life in Bali and learn about bamboo directly from Balinese Bamboo Masters… Our Bamboo Workshops are focused on learning skills for bamboo design, carpentry and construction by working with bamboo and getting to know the material practically… Bamboo Creative Bali offers daily, weekly and monthly programs for you to learn bamboo skills for small-scale to larger construction projects, bamboo craft and art, traditional and modern techniques and methods for design, interior design and furniture-making.

Our programs are inclusive and designed to give you the skills to understand the fundamentals of bamboo design and knowledge of the nature of the material as well as experience in building something from bamboo.

We offer:

  • 1 to 3 Day Workshops to learn basic carpentry and crafting
  • Internship programs and opportunities for you to learn in-depth skills working side by side with expert bamboo builders, learning bamboo construction techniques, bamboo design and principles, and even develop your own design/individual project while getting specialized training in your particular area of interest…
  • Outreach Programs – specifically geared towards aiding and equipping communities to become empowered towards developing self-sustaining food and habitat resilience, and innovative businesses through co-operative measures and uplifting Eco-leaders to bring to the forefront of our societies activities and programs which can bring about lasting change and impact
  • Community, Kids and Family/Group Programs

Bamboo for the future: Made accessible for all the world’s people – means making it Affordable and Attractive to build with… Currently there are not many examples of Bamboo Structures that an average person could afford. Maybe we need to make Bamboo Building more of a Community-Orientated activity….

Bamboo is a material for the people, by the people. Many societies have evolved WITH bamboo – as told in myths and folk-tales. And having so many products, by-products and uses… could indeed the foundation of a sustainable society (WITHOUT PLASTIC) be possible through re-harnessing craft practices and developing ways to callibrate/instrumentalise bamboo for our modern society….?

The practical components of our Internship Programs focus on building affordable and practical bamboo and earth-building projects demonstrating affordable low-tech sustainable building methods – which combined with our on-line program – enables continued outreach and education for local people on making sustainable and viable businesses that contribute towards implementing the development of Regenerative Projects.

Contribute NOW towards Solar Wells for Kenya and Uganda…


Make a one-time donation – Send through your transfer receipt to receive 120% credit towards your future bamboo program.

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See more information on our Outreach Programs page and sign up for Updates if you want to attend our Upcoming programs in Africa. Or if you would like to join us in Bali, indicate Internships on the form. You can also opt that your donation gives a place to a local community member in Indonesia or Africa.

Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

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Pay $100 NOW (or custom amount) and you will receive $120 CREDIT towards your future Bamboo program

We want as many solar wells provided as possible for our sister projects in Kenya and Uganda… we are connected with organizations there helping people to farm organically, syntropically and regeneratively… East Africa is about to experience one of the severest droughts on record. Let’s Unite to bring healthful abundance and build together the villages for the children of Earth. Right now we are preparing to bring Bamboo Building Skills to Africa in December 2023 for 3-4 months. And we are doing all we can to help local populations near where we plan to build to install solar well pumps to access artesian water!!!

Our specialty bamboo learning program will start this December in Egypt – and then we will continue to Uganda and Kenya with Local and International programs. We aim to bring bamboo construction relevancy to the local level, and to bring African cultures to the world 🙂 We are working with local community organizations, coordinators who are planting bamboos with local farmers and also some established bamboo farms – to help make bamboo the sustainable building material of the future – for all the world’s people.

What do You want to make with Bamboo?

1-3 Day Bamboo Workshops:

See our Day Programs for building Bamboo Furniture, a Bamboo Model and Building Design with Seek Sophie

Join us for Introductory Day Workshops in Basic Bamboo Carpentry skills, Bamboo Design and Model-Making and Construction Skills. We will share our experience about building with bamboo and some know-how about design of bamboo buildings….

We’ve now made it possible to cover all the topics over 3 days to give enough time to gain a basic understanding of both building and designing with bamboo – (one day never seems long enough for what we’d like to share).

Three-day Internship Taster Program 9am to 3.30pm – Carpentry and Joinery Basic Design and Construction Introductory 3 day program Price: USD$170 / Rp.2,500,000. Usually delivered Thursday-Friday-Saturday. Message us for info on availability HERE.

Day 1

Basic Joinery and Carpentry

Day 2

Design Principles & Model-making

Day 3

Small Construction Project

Techniques for joinery/carpentry styles, model-making and larger construction processes will be demonstrated and depending on what your chosen topic is, we will then work together to make a bamboo item of your choice. You can make a miniature/model of a bamboo building design or get into some more detailed construction, applying your new knowledge practically – and can take you creation home if you like!

Day 1 BBCBasic Bamboo Carpentry and Simple Furniture Workshop
Introduction to joinery techniques with bamboo: Fish mouth join, T-join, making a small furniture using string and bamboo nail to secure joins, basic tool knowledge.
Day 2 BMMBamboo Model-Making: Making a design for a bamboo building including: Frame design, Pillar Spacing-Measurement and Structural Support & Design Requirements/ Specs.
Day 3
Bamboo Construction Skills and Model Development – techgniques for constructing your/a design including: Curving bamboo (Rabrab) and making Lidi; Optional Design development for model building/ furniture/ craft.
Send us a message/Book via WhatsApp:

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Check Availability for Carpentry and Joinery Workshops – on Air BNB Experiences or enquire here about availability.

Location: Belega (near Ubud) at our Bamboo S’kool Collaboration with Balinese master-craftsmen.

VIP Day Internship

Day Workshop One on One Instruction for developing your skill and/or bamboo product. Our VIP interns get one-on-one assistance for 4-5 hours to focus on and develop their chosen skill/product. Our morning starts at 9.30 with fresh jamu/coconut water/coffee and brief intro and chat about what your aims are (you can have input prior so we can tailor the workshop to your needs). You will have all-day with us one-on-one basically and you will be given instruction and then time to try yourself and continue your individual project. We will be assisting you where necessary… Indonesian-style lunch with vegan options and time for chatting. We continue into the afternoon finishing at around 3pm. Tutoring sessions can be booked in advance with our master-craftsmen.

VIP Day Internship

Day Workshop One on One Instruction for developing your skill and/or bamboo product. Purchase as a gift and redeem anytime between now and June 2025


Bamboo Biasa – Carpentry and Construction:

Follow-on programs for practical skills development, the Bamboo Apprentice program offers Hands-On building experience to develop your practical skills alongside our bamboo builders and Interns working on local projects. Our Bamboo Apprenticeship program runs according to our Internship project schedule and is subject to availability.

Time: 10am to 3 – 5pm

1 week (6 day) group build program: USD$210 / Rp.3,200,000

2 week (12 day) group build program: USD$330 / Rp.5,000,000

Internship Course Program:

A hands-on experience developing confidence around the basic concepts and techniques of working practically with bamboo. Through this program you will gain experience with bamboo joinery, carpentry and the design process for an individual creative project with the guidance of expert bamboo carpenters and master-craftsmen in Belega.

Internships are individualized programs where you receive theoretical and practical knowledge and training in all aspects of the bamboo-building process: Tutoring for groups and individuals with our master-craftsmen to develop your skills and also to assist on technique/design aspects of building a bamboo structure and making a miniature/model of a bamboo design. From harvesting and treatment of the bamboo to designing structures, making foundations, carpentry, joinery, building and finishing and maintaining a bamboo structure.

Our approach in helping to create systemic change is to build local programs which enable access to affordable technologies which can make life “in the village” more comfortable and sustainable. Our Internship programs enable knowledge-sharing and inputs of funding for practical projects demonstrating Regenerative methods for building and farming, while cultivating ethical production models along with waste-management systems and incentives for lifestyle changes to reduce landfill and also attract finance for earth-friendly infrastructure projects.

We offer VIP programs for developing specialist knowledge in the possibilities of bamboo and to connect people with local/remote projects and families to explore individual interests while getting to know the Bali culture and staying alongside local families. Our VIP programs are more intensively focused individual design processes, and are intended to be more specialised experiences for those with a particular area of interest they’d like to develop.

Come and learn from the best and become an unbeatable bamboo builder!!

2023 Internship Upcoming Programs Starting:

  • 8 May
  • 5 June
  • July 10
  • August 14

Our Internship programs run 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday) 9.30am to 3.30pm.

You can support our Outreach Projects by becoming a donor or by pre-purchasing your program to attend at a later date. We offer special discounts and bonuses for our Outreach supporters! – and your contribution helps towards building our Bamboo Bank which is a fund that local projects can borrow from interest-free to be able to build their own sustainable Home-Stay/Bamboo Guest House (also where our students can come and stay…) thereby helping to build our network and to diversify income options for locals – enabling them to elevate their financial dignity through maintaining their connection to knowledge of traditional crafts and artisan practices such as carving, weaving, musical instrument creation, natural medicine, painting and art/drawing techniques and on and on. Indonesia is so rich with cultural arts- it is truly amazing… and important that these cultural arts and knowledge are valued and honored.

Outreach Programs

Outreach projects create the foundations to seed/enable the development of local Regenerative (Collaborative) Farm and Business models where you may come and attend your Internship and contribute collectively through our upcoming special workshops and collaborations… The Internships Level of Bamboo Creative Bali contributes to local Regenerative projects and enables local communities access to explore renewable and affordable building methods: Reinventing and revitalising the “common image” of bamboo among local people and making designs and examples of bamboo that are affordable and attractive for people in “developing”/post-colonised countries (the global south).

It is local people in developing countries (making up 70% of the world population) whose impact and choices in lifestyle/s in the next 20-30 years is going to have the greatest impact potentially on climate change and/or its mitigation… Presently an average person in a developing country uses around 20% of the fossil fuels compared to people living in “developed countries” but as people move into cities and become more modernised and “educated”, cultural and traditional skills are generally lost, and people’s energy footprint increases dramatically. This trend towards non-sustainable urbanisation needs to be addressed urgently.

Through our Outreach Programs we bring together western and eastern elements for all our participants to experience the ‘best of both worlds’. We aim to ensure that remaining natural communities survive and thrive – and to collectively achieve a societal balance. We are exploring and developing sustainable affordable design techniques with bamboo and Natural/Earthen Materials to contribute to make learning and inclusive spaces for sharing time, knowledge and culture, traditional arts and crafting techniques of Bali & greater Indonesia… Through developing programs in local communities with a system of transparency including everyone in Ecologically Intelligent Economy and attain fair financial recognition. Our projects encourage environmental responsibility and best practices for managing waste, nurturing innovation and creating circular economies.

Join us as a VIP Intern to develop your bamboo skill and contribute to our Outreach project aims... Get in touch and we'll keep you informed about upcoming programs.... find the latest updates on our BLOG. Join our community builds in Belega - Bali's village of world-famous bamboo builders - where we aim to make bamboo-building programs accessible to everyday people, retain traditional skills and knowledge of Bali's artisans, and uplift rural folk and collaboratively create meaningful enrichment by spending time in community... Contribute to our Outreach projects while developing your bamboo skill!
Become a Member... You can choose how much you wish to pay/contribute AND we offer special partner sponsorships for those who’d like to co-develop their own bamboo/regenerative project or signature bamboo product design: Complete the Sign Up form above.

To help support our sister communities in Kenya and Uganda, all contributions towards the present online programs are going to help these communities purchase solar-powered wells for local communities as Kenya especially is facing a forecast of extreme drought this year and we really would like to do whatever we can to save lives and help to grow food!

I have one or two places I can donate also on the July-September in-person programs in Bali to this cause – so you can donate directly to the organisations I will provide the details for – and send me the transaction receipt and I will credit towards the placement and any contributions to the free online course you make can also be deducted from any future group program you want to attend with Bamboo Creative Bali (not VIP programs) so get generous!

And we are planning for a build course in Uganda in the next 24 months…

So I look forward to seeing you on Wednesdays for the next 8 weeks on our Online Course which you can Join here on Facebook (free) and for the paid course, please register on the form below.

Learning bamboo skills to build with bamboo

Find your own Zen learning to Craft with bamboo… Bamboo and Small Craft, Weaving and Product Design Workshops

Craft with bamboo

Bamboo Craft and Small Design Project Day Workshops offering courses in bamboo cutlery, weaving, bamboo jewelry and other groovy stuff as well as customised sessions for adults – and kids are welcome too. See AirBNB Experiences for our Craft Workshop Schedule

Location ->Freyr’s Bamboo Sky Kubu (in Denpasar) which borders with the Seminyak Green Belt of Urban Rice Fields… -> (Live-in Option: Rp. 550,000 (USD$36/night)) – Stay in our bamboo sky dorm (sleeps 4-5 pax), cook pizza in our cob-rocket oven and talk More bamboo !!!

Kids Workshops

Working with bamboo, making toys and up-cycling materials; We offer in-house and mobile workshops for regular in-house programs with local schools/ homeschoolers by appointment and also one-off events. See our Kids Club Page for more information – we have topics suited for age groups: 3-6 and 7-12 years with in-house and mobile workshops for regular programs with local schools/ homeschoolers by appointment and also one-off events. … All our programs are Inclusive with special needs support available for groups and individuals.

Specialised Day Workshops and Custom Events:

(Family/Group Bamboo, Eco-brick & Cob Workshops)

At Bamboo Creative, it’s not just about bamboo – but also up-cycling to prevent unnecessary waste and to re-utilise resources – co-creating projects which facilitate community and environmental well-being and education through enabling PRACTICAL skills and innovations to be applied in Local Communities.

We host special group workshops for natural building with COB (mud mixture of clay, sand and dry grass) and ECOBRICK (empty plastic bottles stuffed with plastic trash) to promote the sequestration of plastic waste from our oceans and natural environment until technology to transform or replace waste plastic becomes more widely available. See our Zero Waste page for more details.

We’d love to host a workshop at your place and assist YOU in designing and implementing your own Cob and Ecobrick construction! Suitable for kids and adults, invite us to facilitate a Eco-workshop/Eco-event at your School or Community Centre… or come to our Bamboo House Project in Denpasar (Bali).

We deliver a 3-part bamboo, Ecobrick and Cob-Earth Building Hands-On workshops for learning Natural Building skills and Traditional Techniques with bamboo and cob, incorporating community education and incentivizing responsible disposal of soft-plastic trash through monetizing and building with it!

We can cater for up to 20 people at our project site in Denpasar (or mobile): Learn skills in natural building with bamboo, cob, bottle/eco-bricks and recycled materials and craft/design.

Let go of Capitalistic mindset limitations: Become part of the Eco-leader Community. See our OUTREACH PAGE with sliding scale options for in-kind/financial contribution.

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For bamboo consultations, design advice and private workshop sessions: Make a time to chat with us.

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