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Find out about our current and upcoming workshops… Individual Internships, Family Day and Overnight Camp-Out Programs with Astungkara Way, and Small Project-Based Workshops…. (subscribe below to receive a monthly update). This page is an outline of our live/on-line and in-person Programs and Tours….

On Septmeber 10 & 11 we will be continuing our hands-on course at the Astungkara Way Learning Centre… come and contribute towards making the Learning Centre an Awesome place with this workshop where we will be finishing our vertical garden aquaponics and shade structure to protect the windward side of the Learning Centre Building – as well as having some fun with mosaics and plastering of our Battery Bank Cob Wall and Cement Stairs….

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Stay in the loop about our upcoming Outreach Programs where you can learn about Bamboo and help share knowledge and skills to raise environmental awareness while spending time with local families learning about traditional crafts, cooking and food-from-the-wild on an Outreach adventure! Read more

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