Kids Club

Bamboo and Up-cycled / Recycled Craft, Tool handling, Toys, Imaginative play, Building, Carpentry and Eco-skills

Being able to make one’s own toys with ones own hands is a satisfaction kids can experience in our Bamboo Starz Kids Workshop Program at Freyr’s Bamboo Sky Kubu in Denpasar. Our Kids program aims to encourage and enable kids to develop dexterity through bamboo crafting skills and to enable them to design their own project pieces incorporating recycled and up-cycled items from the home/local environment with a focus on zero-waste innovation.

Take some time out and let the kids get creative ….

Friends of Freyr kids program is open to all abilities at Freyr’s Bamboo Home in Denpasar for day activities and overnight/camp programs. Making toys from bamboo swords, shields, bows and arrows, to dolls/puppets, stilts, model houses, boats as well as cob (earth and straw) building. We have assistant staff to assist special needs. We also offer Mobile Craft Sessions for Homeschooling Groups and Family Workshops. Our kids club activities encourage exploration, co-operation, imagination and development of manual building and problem-solving skills and aim to develop creativity and right-brain thinking. Open to all abilities, we offer day activities, camp programs and one-on-one special needs support with our special needs and family retreat program.

Workshop Fee for 2.5 hour class is Rp.350,000 per child per session 5 class pass Rp.1,300,000 (USD$90)

We have 2 daily sessions – the Morning session at starting at 9.30am until 12pm (2.5 hrs) aimed explores toy-making (dolls, cars, boats, animals and motoric). The Afternoon session 2pm to 4.30pm explores carpentry and building skills with topics from small model house projects, doll house and furniture, backpacks and jewelry and decorations. Weaving is sometimes incorporated in morning and/or afternoon sessions.

Materials used are bamboo and from other recycled materials. Tool use is limited to saws, carpentry knives, sandpaper and manual drill / mini drill – being used with supervision, and practice to learn traditional techniques with some ‘modern tool’ use (where appropriate); All sessions have a topic framework, on from which individual creativity encouraged. The main focus is on developing imaginative play in a natural learning environment.

Classes are open to all ages and abilities. Children under 5 should attend with a nanny/carer/parent. Please discuss with us any special needs your child has prior to class.

We are available to give mobile workshops at your school/ homeschool group On a weekly/bi-weekly basis – Regular sessions : 90min : Rp.120,000, 2 hour : Rp.150,000 and 3 hour : Rp.200,000 (minimum 5 children)

Check availability via WhatsApp/ email/ message below

Saturday Workshop 9am – 3pm

On Saturdays we host 4 Hour Family Workshop sessions covering a chosen topic of bamboo carpentry such as miniature house/doll house construction, windmills, toy cars, musical bamboo. (We are open to topic request also). Session starts at 10am – 12pm; Lunch is at 12.00 – 1pm and then afternoon session 1pm to 3pm. Rp.1,200,000 (USD$85) special gift voucher rate (Valid 3 years from purchase date) Rp.850,000 (USD$60) Available Now (until May 10 – 2022) redeemable for 3 years from purchase.

Book your session via email/Whatsapp +62 82137906885

Family Workshop Limited to 6 people – Half day 10am -12.00pm – Rp.200,000 per pax;

Single project Group/Family Workshop 3 hours Rp.850,000/ US$70

All day 10am to 4pm with 1 hour lunch Rp. 1,350.000 (USD$95) (includes lunch)

5 day pass Rp.5,000,000 (USD$350)

Lunch! – make pizza in our Cob Rocket Oven … Gluten free and Dairy free available.

Flexible Individual/small group sessions for tutoring topics with expert wood and bamboo carvers and craftsmen – (1.5 hour): 1 on 1 Rp.500,000 (USD$35); 2 hours Rp.700,000 (USD$50); 3 hours Rp. 1,100,000 (USD$75)

Our Covid protocol: We ask all kids and adults to wear masks during instructional sessions; for individual work time we practice social distancing areas where masks can be put aside. Our teachers and staff wear masks at all times.

Kami menawarkan kegiatan lokakarya bagi anak-anak anda untuk belajar kerajinan dan kegiatan kreatifitas yang terbuat dari bambu , dimana kami akan mengadakan beberapa kelas pada hari Sealaska dan hari Jumat pada setiap minggu. Untuk anak-anak kecil (usia 4-8 tahun) , kelas akan kami adakan pada pagi hari mulai pukul 09.30 pagi -12.00 siang, sedangkan untuk anak-anak yang lebih besar (usia 8-12 tahun) , kelas akan kami adakan pada sore hari mulai pukul 1.00 siang – 15.30 sore. Mohon dapat menginformasikan kepada kami terkait dengan usia serta minat anak-anak anda , sehingga kami dapat menempatkan anak-anak anda sesuai dengan kegiatan di kelas yang kami adakan.

Jadwal untuk kegiatan dan topik pada setiap kelas dapat di lihat di bawah. Biaya pendaftaran untuk mengikuti kegiatan di setiap kelas kami sangat terjangkau, yaitu hanya Rp.100.000,- per orang ( selama masa corona). Biaya pendaftaran tersebut dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu di kemudian hari menyesuaikan dengan kondisi yang ada. Untuk sistem pembayaran terkait dengan biaya pendaftaran tersebut dapat dilakukan secara tunai pada hari di langsungkannya kegiatan kelas tersebut atau dapat dilakukan melalui link yang akan kami bagikan untuk sistem pembayaran melalui kartu kredit atau paypal. 🙂

Jika anak-anak anda ingin bergabung, harap segera melakukan pendaftaran dengan cara menghubungi kami melalui telepon atau WhatsApp (+62 81237906885) untuk dapat memesan tempat , karena tempat kami sangat terbatas . Selain itu kami menjaga jumlah peserta pada setiap kelas kami dalam jumlah yang terbatas , hal ini kami lakukan guna menjaga kesehatan bersama selama masa corona. Pada masa corona ini, kami berusaha sebaik mungkin untuk menerapkan protokol kesehatan dengan cara menerapkan jarak sosial yang di sarankan oleh pemerintah , begitu pula dengan saya berserta staf yang bertugas akan selalu mengenakan masker. Jika anda memiliki pertanyaan lebih lanjut, jangan ragu untuk bertanya kepada kami .

Bookings and Enquiries:

WA: +62 81237906885

Day Pass – Special Corona Price: Rp320,000.00


Register your place here:

Special Needs Support: if you are in need of support to attend our workshop. Session/s, please get in touch. We have staff available to support 1:1 if required – please get in touch via the form above or email

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