The overall aim of this project is to provide a community space for young people and adults with disabilities to be and feel included in community life and activities; Our passion is to help share skills and knowledge of how we can live more sustainably, alongside practical experience learning bamboo carpentry and construction: Weaving, craft skills and other right-brain activities, healing modalities; and at a local level maintain traditions and promote the value of bamboo as a sustainable building material/resource and enable it’s revival and enhancement in developing countries.

I have been incredibly inspired since first coming to Bali at how inclusive the culture is towards people with special needs, and by foundations/yayasans here whose charter it is to help children with disabilites. I have a vision to create a wholistic village where “sustainable” activities are just part of daily life and form part of a living program where our “kids” get to join in and participate together with paid staff/carers and the broader local community as well as travellers and visitors interested in sharing their time and skills with us…

This project will provide a community space for young people and include adults with disabilities to be and feel included in community life and activities; to ease the care burden for parents of special needs children through enabling access to inclusive activities; and, to help build our space into one of learning and sharing, music and dance, play-therapies, food production, and sharing time together crafting with bamboo. I aim to create a model and collaborate with other families and organisations. Find out more at www.friendsoffreyr.com

I endeavor to become part of the network of social enterprises which are developing globally and help form connections in ways where we may return to our familiar/tribal roots as humankind and plant the seeds of Caring Custodianship; pulling the weeds of Capitalism out of our lives as we go… To rethink How we think... about ourselves and everything around us. Through experiencing BEING in Com-munity and engaging in activities which bring us into our Feeling-bodies… and into Communication with eachother… To be able to be Present for our Kids with special needs… to unravel our minds… to open our Hearts to what has been there all along.

What spurred me to create this project was my own need to feel part of an inclusive community where I can live in a collaborative family environment and Thrive; have a sense of purpose, and contribute to a community which is committed to seeing a better world for our children.

That is the Learning Experience I hope to have and offer… I Dare to DREAM to enable wider collaborations to happen so that local people in south-east Asia (with their time, traditional skills and familial culture) may collaborate with “Westerners” (who have money/resources – but not much time) to together develop a lifestyle (of) “sharing” which does not disempower or put locals as “servants” (as Colonialism has done traditionally) … but where we may truly COLLABORATE and form SUPER Families… All over this Precious Earth. 

I have self-funded the project to the current stage and am now open to furthering the whole social purpose and evolve it to the next  level. I Invite Collaborators, Angel Investors, other families with children/adults with special needs from around the world, travelling artists and other skilled professionals to become part of this Special Project and enable it to grow to it’s full potential.

See our Crowdfunding page for our Disability-Accessible Therapy Playspace

Please get in touch with me here…


  • Internships

    October 31, 2019 by

    Working with bamboo: Workshops for renewable technologies, home and furniture construction.

  • School Holiday Workshops

    June 12, 2019 by

    This school holidays learn bamboo skills with Arief Budi Basuki… mastercraftsman from Malang. Here in Bali – Denpasar at Freyr’s Bamboo Home – All abilities Inclusive therapy-playspace.

  • Cob-Ecobricking

    May 11, 2019 by

    Xavier Allard from Koluba joined us in January for a few weeks on his way home from Malaysia and gave us some handy instruction for making cob and ecobrick from a straw bale earth builder’s perspective. We learned the basics of spacing for structural and not structural walls, also using glass bottles, the basics of… Read more

  • Bamboo Yoga

    November 15, 2019 by

    I remember the moment I woke up to being present in stillness… It seemed that time stopped… that all the smells, the textures, the embodiment of spiritual culture in my surroundings, my teacher, the food, the 3 in 1 coffee…. All burst into me at once. There I was, just sitting breathing, feeling, actually feeling… Read more

  • Bamboo Creative Hostel:

    October 3, 2019 by

    Welcoming seasoned ecowarriors and global nomads, all friends searching for meaningful ways to contribute in our lives and tap our creativity… finding our purpose… or letting it dawn on us that we are already here living our purpose: Whatever the case may be for you, we hope to include you in the array of ways… Read more

  • VIP Bamboo Workshops

    September 13, 2019 by

    Introducing our Bamboo Creative day-only and week-full workshops From creative projects to building design, immersing yourself in the wonderful world of natural material, treatment and recycling processes will uncover or expand your deeper human desire to create as a community and for learning and helping together… It’s what makes us human right? Our ability to… Read more

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