Help Exchange

Through assisting us onsite in our tiny house bamboo and recycled material project build in Seminyak/ Denpasar, you will receive a comprehensive orientation to the world of bamboo. From sourcing bamboo, to treatment of bamboo and construction design and techniques, using tools, making measurements and cutting, joining and carving bamboo… You will have the hands-on experience and develop confidence around the basic concepts and techniques of working practically with bamboo.

Bamboo Creative isn’t just about building, we are also looking at systems (specifically for the tropics) that can help reduce waste; lessen the need for power consumption (by simplifying and locafying our lifestyles); design and sustainable resource use and economics (you wouldn’t even dream of having a horrible closed-in stinky room with an air conditioner when you work out the math)… Greywater gardening systems, energy from human waste and reduction of plastic throw-away to approach a zero waste economy and community.

We accept helpers who are willing to commit a minimum 2 weeks to helping on our project. If you just want to stay a few nights, you can join us a a guest through our Homestay page.

Our house is a family and we work together and contribute according to our ability. Our general agreement (unless otherwise discussed) is that everyone contributes Rp.50,000k per day towards water, food, electricity and cococococococococonuts and jamu (special local natural health tonic made from fresh turmeric).

We have a job board of household tasks and choose our daily jobs through LUCKY STRAWS which we pick randomly each morning. Meals and washing up are shared also – As hosts we provide breakfast and helpers are rostered for other meals.

We ask that every helper make a 15-20 minute activity to do with Freyr or at the Sunrise School during our gardening session there on Tuesday mornings (you don’t have to be experienced in working with disabilities and/or have musical gifts… just have a willingness and open mind and trust your intuition).

You must keep a tidy worksite. Ensure tools are put away properly and bamboo scraps swept up and put in the fire pile.

All helpers have a one-week probation period.

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Our work hours are 9.30am to 12.30pm then 3.30pm to 5.30/6pm. Monday to Friday. Saturday is a half day and we plan to go to Ubud in the afternoon (for gardening with local groups there). Sundays are days off.  For car trip adventures we request everyone contribute to fuel and Rp.150k for the driver (full day)/ Rp.75k (half day).

It’s best if you communicate first off how you’d like to contribute and what you’d like to receive from your stay with us. We are open to negotiating different lengths of stay and forms of contribution. If money is an issue for you, we are happy to find something that works for everybody. Especially if you have specialty skills to offer.

Current projects:

– Cob and Ecobrick walling

– Bamboo vertical garden systems

– Earth works for our underwater classroom and tropical greywater irrigation system

– Bottle brick production/packing

– Bamboo floor and wall sealing

– Sorting and cleaning bamboo and making bottle brick sticks

The beach is 15-20min by motorbike, and has some great little cafe/bars where its nice to watch the sunset – or you can stay on for more craft-art, drinks and pirate farts at Freyr’s Bamboo Home.

If you contribute less than 5 hours/day we request you pay Rp. 75,000 per night

Feel free to ask any questions and do by all means say what ways you’d like to contribute and what you hope to gain or receive from your stay with us.

Om Shanti Shanti Om.

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