Bottle Bricks: Turning Pollution into a building resource

HOW to keep plastic and trash out of the rivers, drains, landfills?

One solution we have adopted is to contain as much plastic waste as possible in plastic bottles (used water, juice or soft drink bottles) by compressing soft plastic with a compacting stick into the bottles – and then using these as  “bricks” (you may have heard of the terms eco-bricks or bottle-bricks) with cobb in building.

We need to keep plastic waste… out of our drains, rivers, land fills and oceans… We are encouraging people to put their plastic waste into bottles instead of allowing it to end up in rivers/drains/landfill and offering Rp.5000 (AUD$0.50) per large well-compacted bottle of trash.

Help us to encourage the formation of this habit in one local community … and who knows… it could spread further …

By seeing trash as valuable, we hope to help encourage habits that prevent degradation of the environment and provide a low cost building material… Actually we want to collect the trash from our whole street… That’s a lot of Kos units. .. but eventually we’d like to be able to trade fish (from our lele pond) for trash (bottle bricked) And tomatoes (from our vertical gardens) for food scraps to put in our methane digester….

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At our Bamboo TinyHouse Earthship we will be building our urban methane-digester (Biodigester) for our toilet and food scraps from Bottle/Eco bricks (find out more at We need approximately 1000 large (1.5L) bottle bricks to construct our methane toilet tank which will produce methane cooking gas for our kitchen stove.

Bottle bricks are basically empty plastic bottles stuffed with plastic trash. Image courtesy of

Our methane tank will be 1.5m high and 3m long by 1.2m wide and will overflow into a lele (catfish) pond from which we will irrigate our vertical gardens. Because the methane digestion process is anerobic, there is no risk of e-coli contamination to our food plants (which will be root-watered anyway in a system similar to hydroponics). Methane will be stored in a rubbery plastic bladder (not recycled unfortunately) and will have a water bubbler and steel wool scrubbing system connected to an adapted gas stove.

Come on a PLASTIC HUNT with US !!!!! 

You can help to sponsor this project:

Help our Crowdfunding Campaign and be Rewarded with a discount voucher for any of our workshops or even a Bamboo Holiday !!!!

Bottle Brick Sponsorship 5 Bottle Bricks

Every $2.50 will buy us 5 bottle/eco bricks for our project though paying locals to collect trash and compact it into plastic 1.5L bottles…


Be a SUPER sponsor and purchase 40 bricks… ($20)

In return we can offer you a nights accommodation in our bamboo house (available from January 2019) so you can see for yourself how it feels to live inside a Bamboo Tiny House Earthship.

One Night’s Accommodation in our Beautiful Bamboo House when Completed

Redeemable from April 2019 Experience the Feel of our bamboo prototype home… Be Zero-Waste… Do Local Life… Advance Purchase NOW and help support this project. Buy 5 nights and get One Night FREE… @Freyr’s Bamboo Home, Denpasar – Bali.


NB.If you can’t stay yourself, you can donate the voucher to a friend, or pass on to a local family here with a Special Needs child/children who requires support.

Visit our GoFundMe Crowdfunding Page for the whole shebang

Join us as an Intern if you wish to help on this project. 

See HERE more about Who We Are and our involvement in a greater vision for supportive community for families with special needs children.



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