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In most developing countries, knowledge is lacking about making Bamboo a viable building material because, untreated, it usually only lasts 5-7 years before insects demolish it. We are committed to assist in sponsorship of individuals from within Indonesia and other developing countries to learn about effective treatment methods with can be applied by people in developing countries as well as renewable technologies and complimentary natural building techniques and food-growing methods that can aid rural upliftment, improve living conditions, are affordable, reduce pollution, and help people to earn income through sustainable livelihoods. See our OUTREACH page for more info

So the dream/desire and purpose for our Outreach Program is to enable people from developing countries to gain practical knowledge, and through sponsorship RESOURCE them to share this knowledge with their own communities. Join Here to become part of this project and further our goal of sharing renewable technologies and knowledge of treatments methods for making bamboo a long-term sustainable resource in developing countries. low-cost low-tech bamboo preservation and treatment processes for village-scale sustainable bamboo developments. 


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I was chatting to Rus Alit’s Right Hand man of Bali Appripriate Technology Institute (BATI) by co-incidence in a car going to Bedugul one day about a year and a half ago and he asked me… “How do you get the local people to WANT to take up the technology we have to share?” I knew what he was referring to… Especially in rural areas, local people can seem immediately closed-off to Western input because there is still a very large margin of Distrust towards Westerners… they’ve been so fucked over in the past; (which in my opinion it’s totally understandable). I just said: “Go live with them; get to know them, learn their way and let Them tell You what’s needed.”

To myself I’m thinking… WHY pay a Westerner (even aid organisations still have to pay people) to even go out and teach/share the kind of essential technology which could prevent further urban migration, unsustainable development patterns and make people’s lives SOOOO much easier (the gap between the western wage and “local” wage rate would easily pay for materials I’m sure in the case of low-tech water supply for tribal/rural/remote populations). I reckon why not just train local people to go out and share it and get like 10+x efficiency on the cost of sending out a “whitie” 😮. More effective knowledge transfer and economic value could be made possible by paying the “local acceptable” wage rate of around $10-15/day (usually) plus materials for capillary projects to take off from pilot sites.


I am totally aware that it is virtually impossible for local people in developing counties to take time off from their everyday livelihoods… Its a “luxury” for most people to attend any course/education. So, Back in August, I took a gamble and paid for Richard Tercio’s  flights and an “advance” (so that he could maintain his family back home) to join us from Philippines and attend the BATI course held annually in September here in Bali… Not knowing if he would get through Philippines Immigration as usually you need a job/sponsorship for them to “let you out”… (another story). He made it and I paid for him to attend Rus Alit’s Water Technology course (with the last funds in my own bank account); and he then stayed with us to learn about bamboo and helped make our Cobb oven.


Richard Fernandez Tercio – Our Artist-In-Residence this September to November 2018

Richard Tercio from Philippines stayed with us for a month. We funded him to attend the SUSTAINABLE WATER TECHNOLOGY COURSE AT BATI  Bali Appropriate Technology Institute  held between 17-21 September (cost US$500).

Through continuation of support – he will take this technology back to Palawan in the Philippines where our first Outreach project for Unite the Tribes will take place in March 2019 and share this knowledge with the local tribe and interested people from surrounding communities in the Philippines. . . 




Stay with us and learn bamboo treatment methods, building and design skills, and sustainable low-cost water technology applications.


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Born to a semistress/sewer and a taxi driver, my art is a reflection of what i saw growing up in a world where the ruins of tragedy became a dazzling rememberance of existence. The community I lived in was comprised of people “relocated” in the late 1960’s. As such, bits and pieces, tangled threads and mish mash, were the norm.

Collecting object pieces of metal, rock, glass, paper, wood, stones and bones; putting them all together one by one in assemblage and design; my art promts the ‘Will to Do’ in me – despite my own perceived hardship or what other people may have Thought fitting… I have become who I am as a mixed-media artist through reading and observing. With occupations as a street vendor, janitor, constuction worker and water carrier – I may not boast or flaunt any formal education… I’m self-made.

I wish to progress my community and my art through service in the areas of water transposition and building with local materials… art, murals, metal work… to enliven remote places – to join worlds and people. I believe Art enables us to peer through and past our cultures and into another’s world – And then to look back on our own. Sharing time in Art and Building, constructing, assembling… teaching and learning … bridging lifestyles and traditions… and building together our own sense of Community or Common Unity.


Recycled Art, Sculpture, Building and Murals, Clay/Mud, Epoxy and Bamboo



Join here to register your interest in supporting this campaign. We will send you the latest information as this project develops and as we open our crowdfundings… Also if You are from a developing region and would like to come and learn with us to share with your own community, please contact us here also:

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Bamboo E-book by Natalie Davenport

My experience learning to build with bamboo in Bali. I'm not sure when the book will be finalised. When I have enough funds to pay an editor it will get done.


One Night’s Accommodation in our Beautiful Bamboo House when Completed

Redeemable from April 2019 Experience the Feel of our bamboo prototype home… Be Zero-Waste… Do Local Life… Advance Purchase NOW and help support this project. Buy 5 nights and get One Night FREE… @Freyr’s Bamboo Home, Denpasar – Bali.


Pre-order any of our one-week workshop/accommodation packages and we will not only Love you 4 Ever, but you will receive a FREE e-copy of our Bamboo Tiny House Earthship Ebook due for release in December !!!!! Visit Our WORKSHOP page for our upcoming events and activities.

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