Bamboo Creative Experiential Learning… Pre-Launch Campaign

We’re working towards making Bamboo Creative a legal business in Bali which will enable us to have a greater and more fundamental impact in sharing experiences of sustainability practices and just hanging out together “in community” (Bali is a pretty awesome place for that) – and so I’m excited to share this pre-launch campaign – which is more focused around my daughter’s needs over the coming months and enabling me to continue to support her needs while I’m launching the activities and programs we will be offering “post-corona”…

My daughter Freyr has been my primary inspiration and cause for seeking ways to have time “in community” – to feel included and a sense of belonging… being open to learning and through all this time I’ve lived in Indonesia and the Philippines, I have learned to be far more “chill” than I was living as a “westerner”. I have realized that sustainability isn’t just about practices and techniques – but for is an attitude and “way of life”. Ok, my attitude is not perfect at all – I get grizzly and kinda obnoxious and opinionated whenever the topic of Disability Care and Carer’s Rights comes up… but in general I have a greater sense of appreciation and much less anxiety now when it comes to my experience of daily life.

I would say that I feel quite “immersed” in my reality – and FEEL it so experientially… and of course I’m blessed to live in Bali where – I get to feel and sense and absorb the wonder and reverence of the local culture and all the little things that make up daily life in this culture and place. From the old people shuffling down the street to the cheeky grins of the neighboring kids; a dad playfully rocking a toddler, that dog trying to scratch itself, the people laughing, the men standing in their sarongs… As I drive by on my motorbike it’s like being in a video game adventure through a carousel of smells, smiles and sounds.

I just came across a great passage by Jae Sabol of One Community on Linked In and it just inspired me to write this post – talking about what our work is really about: The lived experience of being in a healthy functioning ecological community and learning the tools to function as a re-imagined Being in a world that is sustainable for Everybody. Thanks Jae….

This is a challenging but also opportune time to really reflect on the kind of lives we want to live. Everyone (just about) is in the shit and there are huge opportunities presenting themselves for open collaboration in so many areas….

The biggest one I see is our relationship with our food source/ farming and and reimagining ourselves as participants in the producers of our (not only) food, but buildings, schools, entertainment and rekindling the heart of our societies !!! It’s been too long we’ve just learned to expect “others” to do things for us – whether that is make our clothes and ‘cheap’ products on below-poverty-line salaries or rule our governance (usually on way-inflated salaries with far too many “benefits”)… While we wait for Others to entertain US – when, the Truly enriching experiences (that are getting more and more expensive as we become more and more dependent on “others” to provide FOR us) – actually come when we are able to CONTRIBUTE something… Anything… and be meaningfully INVOLVED in a Down to Earth capacity.

That has been the fundament of this project from the beginning actually : For my daughter Freyr to have Meaningful Involvement in her Life and the lives of those around her… to be able to CONTRIBUTE her gifts and talents and be PART of a community/culture and society and not segregated and “cut-off” like we were in Australia. That’s WHY I’ve hung onto threads… even invisible ones… trusting that this path will lead us to creating something that will enable Freyr to become involved in community activities and have the company of peers while being protected by the natural immunity of Com-munity (with immunity) – as that is how we have survived so long as a species and what we must achieve if we want our species to survive actually. (Plus I don’t want to go back to living in Australia as a “Carer” for my daughter because I have a right too to be able to contribute my own gifts and talents :-P)

You may read from me in places about my theory and belief that it is special needs individuals that have the power to empower us towards living in Community… As, by serving a higher purpose than ourselves is, it has been seen/shown that the communities which survive “individualism” are those dedicated to a religion or cause of some kind, which enables or pushes people to seek beyond themselves to the satisfaction and empowerment of the Greater Good… And who Wouldn’t want to hang out in a garden growing veggies, building bamboo homes/huts and discussing world domination by purple wig-wearing savants while hip-hopping with home-grownie backyard band live on the patch?!

I can’t wait to sense and feel being in community and singing songs ‘in the field’ – sounds romantic doesn’t it? but Song has held and united us humans together for who-knows-how-long…. and, next year we will be announcing our first Cultural and Regenerative Agriculture Participatory Tour to Africa (Uganda) for Freyr to experience the real music and culture and village life of Africa (my birth-continent) and to live that famous totally resonant and magical sound possessed by African people – and to together participate in building some innovative bamboo and recycled plastic infrastructure and learn some farming coolness with Regenerative techniques.

Our hope is to help kickstart more and more community-empowered Regenerative farming and shared natural-building and sustainability skills. Kickstart is emphasised as it is often just basic start-up costs for infrastructure (under 5 grand) that prevents most farms/communities from becoming sustainable…. so part of the CHANGE we see is enabling “westerner’s” money to come together with time (which people in developing countries have plenty of) to create innovative powerful change agencies for moving global sustainability forward through guiding our own experiences in a fun, safe and sustained way.

We will also be following Djuka’s project here: The first community-supported Regenerative Farming Project in Bali and will be launching pre-stages for some awesome experiential-learning adventures in that project in time for Christmas hopefully 🙂

Back to this campaign…. it’s a rather long story so feel free to just jump to the Rewards section to get access to exclusive discounts (only for the next 7 days of this crowdfunding!) to our inclusive programs :

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