Bamboo Workshops for Kids

Today in our bamboo workshop we made the frame for a model house (found the design on the internet) and everyone learned about how to split bamboo to make strips of different sizes, sketched our model and applied some pythagoras’ theorem to calculate some of the lengths we needed to cut.

We took a tour of Freyr’s bamboo house and talked about the design of our house and how we wanted to make a design that people in developing countries can adopt/use and how many people in developing countries have skill and knowledge of bamboo and natural materials but, they think that bamboo is “only for poor people – or the very rich”.

🤔 I guess when more than 70% of the world’s population lives on less than $10/day, we should really think about how bamboo can be relevant to people in the developing world (not just the “rich” 30%) if it’s going to become the “sustainable building material of the future”.

Bamboo is an incredibly flexible material in the ways it can be utilised but it has poor insulative qualities so it’s not so great for cooler climates… Heaps of people live in the tropics though so that’s not a big problem. The big problem is insects coming and eating the bamboo!!! Bamboo is a bit like a giant sugar cane or grass… something like that… and contains sugars which insects find quite delicious so… the challenge has been – how to make the bamboo less tasty or desecrate the insects as they crawl over/through/inside the bamboo.

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