Internship Course – Become an unbeatable bamboo builder

group of bamboo students

Bamboo Creative Bali Bamboo Internship Training is a Hands-On experience for you to develop confidence and learn the basic concepts and techniques of working practically with bamboo.

Practical Bamboo Internship Program:

Come and be part of our Bamboo Skills Training in Belega (15-20 min from Ubud), the village of world-famous Bamboo Craftsmen, Carpenters and Builders… Become an unbeatable hands-on bamboo builder and join this program to learn about bamboo: Our Internship program is for those interested to be able to build with bamboo and the practical aspects of construction – from harvesting and treatment to design, carpentry and construction….from the basics of carpentry techniques, functional design elements, modelling, furniture-making, art & interiors, traditional and modern design… to getting hands-on experience in building techniques and tradie know-how while living alongside local families and culture… We learn about traditional and modern techniques of bamboo building, workshop design ideas and then work on a build for a group build/ community project

This Internship program is for those who would like to familiarise themselves through gaining practical experience in bamboo building and to becoming proficient in bamboo design, carpentry and joinery along with gaining knowledge of the different qualities and styles of design and environmental requirements to build for; harvesting and bamboo treatment, earthship principles and design, making foundations, model-making, basic bamboo design principles and truss method construction, bamboo interiors and flooring, roofing methods, window and door-making, repurposing materials and incorporating up-cycled materials, finishing and maintenance of bamboo structures… You will gain experience in bamboo joinery, carpentry and the design process through a group project and/or individual creative project (as you choose) with the guidance of expert bamboo carpenters and master-craftsmen learning the “tricks of the trade” and unique traditional skills of artesian bamboo workers. Internship programs are tailored according to the needs and interests of students.

Live-in or live-out Internship programs for bamboo building and product design are held 2-3 times per year for up to 8 people with 1 teacher for every 3 students. We are currently building a Bamboo School in Belega (15-20 min from Ubud in Bali) where local Balinese craftsmen directly share their skills and knowledge around bamboo construction through our workshop programs. The building will also provide student accommodation in future for group programs in bamboo and natural building and also host workshops where locals can share knowledge at a community level and ensure the skills of older generations are not lost through having an affordable venue and also sponsoring local workshops through our CSR programs.

WHERE: Belega: the village of Bamboo Carpenters and Builders… 15-20 min from Ubud where our Course Collaboration Programs with Bamboo Art Bali are centered around Bamboo Building – offering hands-on courses and internship programs for those who would like to familiarise themselves with Bamboo Construction through gaining practical experience in bamboo building – from knowledge of design principles and “what works” to immersion in hands-on experience to become proficient in bamboo design, carpentry and joinery, as well as learning the “tricks of the trade” and unique traditional design skills of artisan bamboo work. You can join for all or part of this program.

Our Bamboo School will be a place to share knowledges about sustainable bamboo production, and non-chemical rice farming. You can support the development of a this project while learning awesome skills to enable accessibility/affordability of bamboo for locals while reviving traditional treatment methods; and, help on our local-level Outreach Projects to make this knowledge available to anyone with a hand phone. Our Internship programs connect with our Outreach programs and we utilisie class time to make needed items.

Topics covered in 3 week Beginner Internship program: Carpentry & Joinery, Back-end, Bamboo Design Principles & Model-making, Truss method construction and community project.

Topics covered in 3 week Intermediate Internship Program: bamboo interiors and flooring, roofing methods and materials, window and door-making, repurposing and up-cycling materials, finishing and maintenance of bamboo structures

Topics covered in 3 week Advanced Internship program: Earth-building techniques of clay/lime-straw panels, wattle and daub and natural plasters, furniture, Interior design elements.

We can’t wait to share this experience with you and have you join our program learning directly from the Real Bamboo Masters… alongside local families and experiencing the local culture of Bali!

Our Bamboo Skool Project aims to create an inclusive Learning Centre for bamboo and natural building where everyone can participate in fun familyful activities… from building and gardening, to traditional cooking, healing arts and kite-making…

As a collaborative venture, where wages for teachers are more in line with what we would expect from the “sustainable building material of the future” – the project will provide space and incentives for locals to retain and pursue traditional artistry as a viable career option (as opposed to taking up higher-paying westernised service-industry jobs). There has been an historical undervaluing of hand-made arts which coupled with people’s need for “money” to send their kids to school and to be able to survive in the Post-Colonial Era economic system has resulted in an erosion of the cultural landscape where traditional arts are at risk of being lost. (Prior people used barter and actually there wasn’t much need for “money” as everything was produced and shared collectively in local cultures/societies). We aim to overcome the capitalistic tendency to underpay locals and take-for-granted that they should live at a lower economic standard (also a tendency handed down by the caste system) and to properly value the arts and cultural knowledge which makes Indonesia such a rich and diverse place to live… And to create a space for cultural exchange and building Connection with our local culture through helping to share practical knowledge and skills programs to a worldwide audience and builders from all backgrounds.

We look forward to sharing more about the Belega Bamboo Eco-centre project 🙂 and welcome you to join our upcoming workshops…

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