Become an unbeatable bamboo builder

group of bamboo students

Come and learn to design and construct directly with bamboo masters and be part of our Bamboo Course Introductory Skills and Hands-On Bamboo Apprenticeship Training in Bali

Practical Bamboo Course and Apprenticeship Program:

Join this program to learn about harvesting and bamboo treatment, earthship principles and design, making foundations, model-making, basic bamboo design principles and truss method construction, bamboo interiors and flooring, roofing methods, window and door-making, repurposing materials and incorporating up-cycled materials, finishing and maintenance of bamboo structures.

WHERE: Belega: the village of Bamboo Carpenters and Builders… 15-20 min from Ubud where our Course Collaboration Programs with Bamboo Art Bali are centred around Bamboo Building – offering hands-on courses and internship programs for those who would like to familiarise themselves with Bamboo Construction through gaining practical experience in bamboo building – from knowledge of design principles and “what works” to immersion in hands-on experience to become proficient in bamboo design, carpentry and joinery, as well as learning the “tricks of the trade” and unique traditional design skills of artesian bamboo work. You can join for all or part of this program.

This 11 week program consists of:

Week 1 & 2: Bamboo back-end; making foundations, site design, sustainable sourcing, Field Trips, planting and propagating bamboo.

Week 3:  Theoretical Material Course and Introduction to Bamboo Carpentry Skills and model-making.

Week 4,5,6: 1st Build – Main Structural Design, Frames, Roofing

Week 7, 8, 9: 2nd Build – Interior Design, Fit-out, Woven wall panelling, Furniture, Decorative Carving, and Specialist work.

Week 10 & 11: Apprenticeship Program – mentorship and personal project.

* Schedule Notice:

See more details on the Course Page

Program Dates and Pricing:

April 25 – May 7 (2 weeks) Bamboo Intro, Foundations and Retrofit (USD$400 – all incl.)

Foundational learning, Harvesting bamboo, bamboo treatment, making foundations, site preparation, materials costing, earthship principles, garbage warrior retrofitting.

May 9 – 14 (1 week) : Main Bamboo Training and Introductory Carpentry Course (US$450 – all incl. / USD$355 – Course only)

Foundation learning, model-making/bamboo design, support construction, joinery and carpentry techniques, making bamboo walls and flooring, roofing design, materials selection and project costing.

May 16 – June 4 (3 weeks) : 1st Build – Frames and Install (USD$1040 – all incl.)

Making Trusses, Joinery and Curving bamboo, Bamboo Panels, Making Bamboo Nails and Tying Tali, Main Construction, Pillars, Fish Mouth Joins, Metal Bolt and Bamboo Nail. Joining Roofing to Main Frame, Making bearers and joists (usuk) for roof structure, Roofing for bamboo design.

June 6 – June 25 : 2nd Build – Roofing, Furniture and Finishings (USD$1040 – all incl.)

Interior Design, Walling and Window Design Techniques, Framing and Doors, Carpentry for Furniture, Roofing Installation, Bamboo Carving, Artesian Decorative Bamboo Techniques.

June 27 – July 9 : Bonus 2 Week Apprenticeship $875 (FREE if enrolled in entire course)

Time to refine your skills and work one-on-one with our craftsmen and learn more about bamboo carpentry and design – personal interest project mentorship. Stand-alone price US$875 (all incl.) /US$685 (own accom) All inclusive meals, accommodation, apprentice tours and workshops; Does not include: Materials cost for personal projects).

See more details on the Course Page

Full Course Price: (11 weeks) – USD$3,800 – $2925 after BONUS Apprenticeship Program Discount: Includes Meals, Accommodation and Tours.

Be the FIRST to Register and Pay now to receive a 50% discount on the Whole Course (11 weeks) USD$2925 $1,463 – Only available for the first 8 enrolments! Register here by Whatsapp:

Total Value for 11 weeks– $3,800  (All inclusive Meals, Accommodation, Tours, Workshops, Apprenticeship Training and Personal Project Mentoring)

or by Email:

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