Kid’s Saturday Workshops



Saturday Mornings 10am to 1pm – Cost: Rp.85,000 per session

  • Swords & Sheilds
  • Bows and Arrows
  • Other fun stuff… !

I was first inspired to make kids workshops a few years ago when i first came to Bali and helpX’d at Tasha’s place (Zahara Urban Farm). The neighbouring kids would come over and visit and make craft with Arief (local mastercraftman). My daughter and I had some nice tactile experience working in the cob zone getting muddy.. It felt really lovely having other kids around and to see the look of satisfaction on their faces when they achieved something with their own hands.

Then last year a parent contacted me and asked if we had anything available for kids in the school holidays so I asked Arief to run some Saturday morning workshops and we made bamboo swords and shields to start off with, then bows and arrows and lastly some insect homes which got scaled up and became tool boxes.

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Other kids joined us for the workshops and our helpers learned also for crafting bamboo… We accept payment in ecobricks – the price for one workshop being 3 well-packed bricks.

Our craft sessions have now moved to the afternoons 2-5pm on Saturdays and you can book here to reserve a place


We are planning to have some pizza night tours of the bamboo house soon 

Crafting Session

Kids Bamboo Craft and Recycling activities


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