Bamboo Construction Course in-person and online…

We will be commencing our bamboo construction course on Wednesday March 24 2021 with 8 sessions running weekly on a Wednesday starting 11am to 3pm with an in-depth learning syllabus about bamboo from maintaining, harvesting and treatment, foundations, model-making, carpentry, construction techniques, and post-construction maintenance.

This course is to take us through each stage of building a small- (4 sqm) building in the style of a “forest dwelling/kubu” from the bamboo harvest and treatment stage, to making the foundations, design and model-making, learning about bamboo varieties and adaptability/ suitability to various applications; all aspects of the carpentry and construction, finishing and furnishing; roofing and protection/longevity and maintenance of the bamboo building. We will also share about the practicalities of site and project management in terms of working with architects and bamboo workers, choosing a work team, and teamwork onsite, as well as cultural subtleties and sensitivities we should keep in mind. Our aim is to empower and inspire you to share this knowledge with your friends and build your own house 🏡

Sessions contain theoretical and practical topics (see full course outline below with pak Dodon, an amazing teacher from Java with 15 years experience with bamboo construction and design in Indonesia, Thailand and the US, who shares my passion for bamboo becoming a truly sustainable material utilising affordable building methods with local wisdom/knowledge.

The sessions will be recorded and posted in our Facebook Group for those wishing to join online Whatsapp us for the link +62 812 3790 6885 – We offer a sliding scale contribution to ensure accessibility so please communicate to us in what way you would like to contribute and how much.


Day: Rp.500,000/session / Rp.350,000 (kitas/kitap) / Rp.150,000 (lokal/work-exchange)

Total: Rp 4,000,000 (AU$400/ US$275/ EU230) Pay upfront (20%off) Rp3,200,000 (AU$400/ US$275/ EURO 230)


Bamboo Construction Course

6 Sessions


Video format will be made available on each module.

Session Dates:

MARCH-MAY  2021Session 1:  24 March 2021 Session 2: 31 March 2021 Session 3:  07 April 2021 Session 4:   14 April 2021 Session 5: 21 April 2021 Session 6:  28 April 2021 Session 7:  05 May 2021 Session 8: 14 May 2021

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Course Outline:
Bamboo Training – Theory and practice 

Session 1: Bamboo treatment  VSD (vertical soak diffusion) system

  1. Theory: Bamboo Introduction selection & treatment
  2. Theory: Bamboo species, characteristic, size, utilization of building material
  3. Theory:  Understanding the need and purpose of treated bamboo to create a long lasting building
  4. Theory: Overview of bamboo treatment options
  5. Theory:  Harvesting, and choosing the right bamboo

              Break time & lunch 

  1. Theory and Practice: HARVESTING/Washing/bathing the bamboo
  2. Theory and practice: Mixing the chemical (borax and boric acid) turn it into treatment solution 
  3. Theory and practice: Making the hole through the node in the bamboo 
  4. Theory and practice: Stand the bamboo up and putting the solution into the bamboo 
  5. Theory and practice how to take the solution out of the bamboo and how to store the bamboo 
Some video – cleaning bamboo ready for treatment, drilling through the nodes, standing up the poles, mixing the borax/boric acid and filling the culms

Session 2: The Construction 

  1. Theory: Introduction to Bamboo tools. Knowledge of what tools we need to work with bamboo (bamboo knife, chisel and handsaw)
  2. Theory and practice: Choosing the correct tools, and setting up the workspace; Safety considerations; Tool organisation and sharpening 
  3. Theory and practice: Measurement; Cutting; Splitting and drilling;  Making bamboo nails and lidi (bundled bamboo) 
  4. Student Practice Session

Session 3: Carpentry and Joinery Techniques 

  1. Theory and practice: Carpentry and Joinery
  2. Student Practice Session 
  3. Theory and Practice:  Making the Foundations

Session 4: Making bamboo design and model 

  1. Theory and Practice: Bamboo DESIGN  – applying principles for connecting and joining bamboo: Make an appropriate bamboo design with an understanding of the basic principle of connections and joints (Sketch-up or free hand drawing) 
  2. Theory and practice: Create layout print from worksheet or from free hand drawing and make it into the base of the building (to scale) and create the base for a model.
  3. Theory and practice: Create individual models using a small bamboo sticks and glue gun 
  1. Theory and practice: Continue making model
  2. Theory: Understanding the process to apply the model on the site (real building) and doing observation of the model especially the joints and working as a team on the site

Session 5: Making the frame for a bamboo structure 

  1. Theory and practice: Selecting appropriate size of bamboo for the design needs 
  1. Theory and practice: making the Basic principle of bamboo building using trussing system 

Break time /Lunch

  1. Theory and practice: making the molding/template for the trusses on the ground using string
  2. Student practice session: making trusses

Session 6: Continue making the structure 

  1. Theory and practice: Build the roof and wall structure 

Break time /Lunch

  1. Theory and practice: making floor structure and bamboo weaving for wall-panelling

Session 7: Making floor structure, installing alang-alang and finishing 

  1. Theory and practice: making a bamboo floor structure and splitting the bamboo for flooring 

              Break time /Lunch

  1. Theory and practice: installing Alang-alang (the roof)
  2. Theory and practice: finishing material and methodology; how to maintain the finishing and ensure longevity

Session 8: Walls, doors and details. 

  1. making bamboo flooring (galar) and bamboo door
    • Break time /Lunch
  2. makingbamboo lidi and working with bedek (woven walling), finishing the structure

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If you have any questions please contact us by Whatsapp / Email

Our Instructor pak Dodon is a bamboo building expert based in Bali. He previously worked in the bamboo industry for 6 years in Yogyakarta Indonesia with Sahabat Bambu, a company promoting bamboo as a sustainable building material. His work involved overseeing the production of preserved bamboo, designing and leading construction of bamboo buildings, and providing training on bamboo construction techniques to professionals across Indonesia and South East Asia.

While living in the United States for 10 years, Dodon introduced bamboo building techniques to university students in California, and worked for a sustainable building and landscaping company. Recently Dodon worked with the Green School’s Innovation Hub in Bali, teaching hands-on classes to children from primary to high school. Outside of bamboo, Dodon loves playing music, biking and all outdoor adventures. He currently lives in Bali with his wife and 8 year old daughter.

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