Bamboo Internship Special Needs Tiny House Therapy Playspace build – Applications open now

Have you ever wanted to learn to create from bamboo? This versatile renewable fast-growing material that could help save our planet from resource depletion; especially if popularised in developing countries where more and more people are owning fridges and air conditioners – pumping out them gases Western Nations have been amassing since the Industrial Revolution and contributing to what is commonly called Climate Change.

Bamboo Creative isn’t just about building, we are also looking at systems (specifically for the tropics) that can help reduce waste; lessen the need for power consumption (by simplifying and locafying our lifestyles); design and sustainable resource use and economics (you wouldn’t even dream of having a horrible closed-in stinky room with an air conditioner when you work out the math)… Greywater gardening systems, energy from human waste and reduction of plastic throw-away to approach a zero waste economy and community.

We have a beautiful bamboo-design house we are constructing near Seminyak in Denpasar that is based on a Lumbung/Rice barn that comes from Java (brought to Bali by Djuka Montero of Farmer’s Yard Permaculture Hostel in Canggu, Bali.) (The original design was to be knock-down but we have elaborated this design into a “Bamboo Skyshack!….”)

We want to nurture people who genuinely care and are prepared to commit the time to learn a skill and work together with other humans in a harmonious way and help to share these skills and knowledge that can make our world TRULY Sustainable… and that means helping 70-80% of the world’s population who live on less than $10/day access what has been termed “The Sustainable Building Material of the Future”.


First Lumbung build at Farmer’s Yard Permaculture Hostel in Canggu

Bamboo is an art form different from wood in that it is “worked” more by feeling than logic. . . It seems to bring out a more intuitive creative side in us. It’s inspiring to learn alongside masters of this craft… Indirectly, working with bamboo brings us into Community through learning, repetitious “crafting” and just hanging out Making Stuff.

If you have skills/knowledge to contribute to our project, we would like to hear from you…


We offer a sliding-scale contribution approach to make this learning accessible to the everyone. Please communicate whatever way you feel you can pay/contribute and also offer your skills and time. Whether you’d like to contribute more physically through Skills/Expertise/Labour or to things like bottle brick expeditions, basic cleaning, cooking/meal preparation, errands… We are committed to finding ways to collaborate which are mutually beneficial for everyone. We rely on others sharing their knowledge with us; we rely in/on good-will; we are encouraged to have a spirit of gratitude within ourselves; We believe in paying it forward, balancing the feminine and masculine outlooks to gain peace and prosperity.

We offer Internship programs (live-in usually 3-6 weeks) to assist you in continued studies, social enterprise development and bamboo/innovative/recycled/upcycled product development. Also if you’re interested to learn bamboo building more indepth and gain practice/skill. Additionally we offer assistance for people with special needs to be accommodated and assisted with living, skill and product development, transport and support.

If you’re interested to come and work with us and learn about building with bamboo, please complete this form.

See HERE for more information and to apply.


Send us your enquiry below through the Comments section or,

Whatsapp: +62 831 1961 7333, or



Also Available:

For short Bamboo course follow the link for details on our Workshops

VIP Internship Package – 1 week

Includes food accommodation and transport, 5 hours individual tuition per week and coaching in the design aspects of working with bamboo and exclusive access to plans and construction methods for making a bamboo tiny house.

Also included is transport to/from the beach in the mornings/afternoons and we can certainly recommend watching the sunset at local beach bars/cafe’s (20-30 min drive depending on traffic), daily meals, fresh fruits and local delights.

Bamboo Creative Workshop Internship 1 week package

All inclusive 7-day Complete Accommodation, Tuition, Tour package: Accommodation in the bamboo house and daily meals are included. Also includes: Saturday afternoon Bamboo Crafting workshop and Sunday Afternoon Plastic hunt and hot spring tour in Penebel. (If you have your own accommodation, the fee is AUD$665)


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See our Bali page for everything going on in Bali at the Tiny house in Denpasar…

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