VIP (Very Interesting People) – Bamboo Craft and Carpentry Workshops

Introducing our Bamboo Creative day and week-full workshops

From creative projects to building design, immersing yourself in the wonderful world of natural and recycled materials, treatment and design will uncover and expand your deeper human desire to create – and as a community to learn and help together… It’s what makes us human right? Our ability to cooperate and collaboratively create… such a richer experience than what we can do alone/ourselves: The whole is greater than the sum of the parts…

Are you interested to learn about bamboo practically? Do you want to hang out and help on our Practical Project and contribute to our Community Programs and receive a discount on our bamboo workshops/courses?

Bamboo is quite a high-maintenance material and we could do with some help to keep things manageable in our bamboo house. Also, we have ongoing projects that can be helped by involving more people both at the purely practical and community level.

We now offer the opportunity for you to come for a day or a week and learn first hand with master craftsmen about bamboo craft and building At our urban Bamboo Tiny Sky-Kubu near Seminyak in Bali!

We are looking for others interested to contribute to the meditative and maybe also somewhat ‘mundane’ aspects of living in a bamboo structure… and also to the renewable and recycled systems and technology of our bamboo sky-kubu. Also, as you ay be aware, our bamboo building project was originally intended to enable my daughter Freyr to have a socially inclusive environment with many forms of stimulation and interest in the form of having access to talents of other people in the areas which she enjoys: i.e. music, music and music (all forms of instruments, sounds, DJ’s, technology, movement, pitch etc.) It’s been a bit challenging during this pandemic to maintain some of our community connections such as school and with our friends at the orphanage next door (Bali Street Kids Project) but maybe we are nearing the time again when we can open our social circle more and accept visitors as well as visit others in our community and make some great experiences together…

… Come and learn about bamboo in the real world 🙃

Book Here:


Day Workshop One on One Instruction for developing your skill and/or bamboo product. Available Monday to Friday - Focus on and develop your chosen skill/product. available Monday-Friday.


VIP Internships Week

One week package All inclusive 7-days: Accommodation, Tuition and Tours and daily meals included and 5 hours daily individual tuition, Saturday Craft Workshop, Sunday Trash Hunt and Hot Spring Experience!


Hourly Individual Coaching

One on one tuition with our master craftsmen


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