VIP Bamboo Workshops

Introducing our Bamboo Creative day-only and week-full workshops

From creative projects to building design, immersing yourself in the wonderful world of natural material, treatment and recycling processes will uncover or expand your deeper human desire to create as a community and for learning and helping together… It’s what makes us human right? Our ability to cooperate and collaboratively create… such a richer experience than what we can do alone/ourselves: The whole is greater than the sum of the parts…

We now offer the opportunity for you to come and stay with us for a day or a week and learn first hand with mastercrafsmen and being part of building on our humble urban bamboo tiny skyshack!

We are making a bamboo floor extension and roof to enclose the eastern side of our abode… Come and learn about bamboo in the real world 🙃


Receive one-on-one instruction and develop your skill… Our mornings start at 9.30 with fresh jamu/coconut/coffee and a brief intro and safety chat. You will have all-day with us and be given instruction and then time to try yourself. We will be assisting you where necessary…

Monday to Friday – includes yummy Indonesian-style lunch and refreshements.

Saturday – Afternoon Craft Workshop with Supri Yanto

Sunday – Trash Hunt, Cob and Hotspring Experience!

Additional tutoring sessions can be booked in advance at AUD$40/hour with our master-craftsmen.

Book Here:


Day Workshop One on One Instruction for developing your skill and/or bamboo product. Available Monday to Friday - Focus on and develop your chosen skill/product. available Monday-Friday.


VIP Internships Week

One week package All inclusive 7-days: Accommodation, Tuition and Tours and daily meals included and 5 hours daily individual tuition, Saturday Craft Workshop, Sunday Trash Hunt and Hot Spring Experience!


Hourly Individual Coaching

One on one tuition with our master craftsmen


Feel free to ask questions below and leave a review if you’ve been to one of our workshops 🙂

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