Inclusive Play and Motor Skills Therapies

The attraction/value/magic of parkour is that movement and therapy exercises (ordinarily “boring”/mundane) can be incorporated into this “fun” activity to encourage/boost kids’ participation levels and enhance their development (motoric and social). Fun all-around !

Josh Medina – California PARKOUR DUDE

Josh recently stayed with us for 2 months and developed a parquor program for our local school for children with disabilities/special needs. We made some simple and safe spinning toys and a bamboo balance beam; did some “tumbling”, balance activities and obstacle course to help improve co-ordination and proprioception. In addition he offered his skills (with the help of our translator) giving classes in Parkour on Sunday mornings in an outreach program for local kids in the Wongaya Gede village area.

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Josh helped us with some “extreme painting” on our Bamboo Tiny House/Skyscraper prototype in Denpasar. He also helped advise on design for the dorm room/bedroom to incorporate some parkour features and climbing apparatus … Why would you ever sleep? ..., assisted in our workshops for kids at the bamboo house in martial arts technique and archery with the kids who came along to make swords, shields, bows and arrows from bamboo and connected us with the Bali/Denpasar Parkour mob. We facilitated his learning in making parkour equipment from bamboo, and also bamboo bow and arrow construction with our local master craftsman Arief Budi Basuki.

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We gave what we were able to in terms of helping develop his program and connect him locally to relevant people and organised schedules and provided translation so he could practice and deliver his skills to others while also learning some Bahasa Indonesia. We hope we have also given him skills to build from bamboo anywhere he goes…. We are inspired to build more parkour structures into our space and develop a parkour program that can be offered as an activity to children and young adults with special needs.

Josh Medina from California – Parkour Instructor and Super-hero who recently helped us to develop a Parkour Program for Special Needs Kids at the Sunrise School in Kerobokan, Bali.

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