Growing greens in urban spaces

Micro-greens are a nice addition for anyone’s diet and bamboo can be a great growing space for shallow-rooted plants. We are holding a workshop at Freyr’s Bamboo Sky-Kubu, our home in Denpasar to set up vertical gardens to grow our greens in… We have our lele fishpond at the bottom of our house which has like an earthship-ness about it in that we used car tyres packed with dirt to make the retaining wall and form the shape for the pool (which one day may come to life as a swimming pool but for now is functioning as a fish pond to grow lele (catfish) – even though i can’t bear the thought of killing one… one day we will probably eat them. And above the lele pond are our chicken cages so the chicken poop goes straight down into the pond and we will use this nutrient-loaded water for our plants (after filtration and coverting the ammonias to usable nutrients for the plants – that we hope to be covering in an upcoming workshop).

After lunch we’ll make some trial for a roof sealant to make a low-cost roof using cement and wood glue painted onto thin plywood with shredded plastic mixed in to act like a reinforcer (even though the glue/cement mix is quite flexible)… it’s still experimental and we are looking for a way to make roofs for cob bench seats like the one at our place which contains nearly 70 ecobrick 1.5L bottles compacted with single use plastic trash and many other non-metal items that we would prefer didn’t end up in our rivers and oceans. Read more about our Ecobrick Cob Plastic endeavours.

Join us in Denpasar on Thursday 10 March for this adults workshop making Vertical Gardens from Bamboo for small urban spaces… We will make the frame/stand for supporting the growing beds – ideal for microgreens. And later will try out a secret recipe for sealing a low cost roof for our Cob Ecobrick Bench Seat. Kids are welcome but our space not suitable for littlies because of our stairs and fishpond. Pay what you like… Lunch will be availble. PM to reguster your spot or via Whatsapp +62 812 3790 6885.

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