Plastering ‘Bedek’ bamboo woven panel roof with cassava flour glue and sand/calcium mix

Working on an affordable way to make a fast roof without tiles or tin… We are experimenting with cassava flour glue which we cook on the stove (flour mixed with water) until it becomes a glue and then we mix in sand with our homemade mixer (needs to be on a powerful drill or else will burn out the motor)… in this mix we decided to add calcium carbonate which is easy to get hold of in local material shops in indo for around A$2.50 a bag (20kg)… which may give the mix more elasticity… let’s see. We’re using a thin paper and glueing that down with straight tapioca glue to stop the cementy glue from falling through the holes in the woven panel.

We have plastered a cob wall dpwnstairs with a cooked tapioca (cassava) flour and sand mix and it set like cement… super hard… apparently waterproof also as long as hot rain doesn’t hit it. I think I’ll still do a plaster coat of swimming pool paint… lets see how it fares. The rainy season will soon be upon us so hopefully we’ll get it all done on time 😀😝😅

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