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Bamboo Tiny House Earthship Internships…

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Through assisting us onsite in our tiny house bamboo and recycled material project (Earthship) in Bali, you will receive a comprehensive orientation to the world of bamboo. From sourcing bamboo, to treatment of bamboo and construction design and techniques, using tools, making measurements and cutting, joining and carving bamboo… You will have the hands-on experience and develop confidence around the basic concepts and techniques of working practically with bamboo, earth and recycled materials.

Bamboo Creative isn’t just about building, we are also looking at systems (specifically for the tropics) that can help reduce waste; lessen the need for power consumption (by simplifying and locafying our lifestyles); design and sustainable resource use and economics (you wouldn’t even dream of having a horrible closed-in stinky room with an air conditioner when you work out the math)… greywater gardening systems, energy from human waste and reduction of plastic throw-away consumables to approach a zero waste economy and community.

As the founder of Bamboo Creative, I am passionate about natural building and design, experimentation, raising awareness and sharing skills that can make building bamboo homes sustainable, affordable and accessible – especially for People LIVING IN “developing countries” who make up around 70% of the global population of our planet. I have been learning about bamboo craft and construction for the last five years through this construction project based in Bali where I am creating an Eco-activity Community Centre inclusive of special needs and facilitating eco-product and craft-making, and eco-building using recycled/reclaimed trash, bamboo and earth-building techniques.

The overall aim of this project is to provide a community space for young people and adults with disabilities to be and feel included in community life and activities: Tactile experiences with mud and clay, bamboo and recycled material modeling and crafts, weaving, and other right-brain activities, developing our imaginations and at a local level maintaining traditions and promoting the value of bamboo as a sustainable material/resource and to enable it’s revival and enhancement in ‘developing’ countries. Our VIP Internship programs compliment this through development of local projects and partnerships which improve local economic livelihoods and help contribute to our special disability program.

As well as being a fun way to spend time learning about bamboo and earth-building, VIP Internships offer the opportunity for individuals and families/groups to develop their ideas into a product here in our workshop and to utilise our connections and local knowledge to help develop your own bamboo design work. We have connections with local projects, artists, craft/handicraft producers, photographers, IT/Social Media specialists and material sources and we also offer these services remotely to families/individuals interested to develop a small business idea for a special needs family member as part of our Family Homestay program and the development of our Revivement Village projects where Timeshare memberships for families and individuals means that they will be able to come and stay and be involved in the family production, support and community side of life –

Bamboo Creative Design VIP 1 week stay

Be our very special guest at Bamboo Creative and Live, Breathe and Poop Bamboo with Us! Experience living in our Bamboo Tinyhouse Earthship Skyscraper and experience Local Life in our Urban Jungle Workshop… One on One Instruction for developing your skill and/or bamboo product… Our VIP interns get small group/ one-on-one assistance for 4-5 hours to focus on and develop their chosen skill/product; fresh Indonesian-fusion lunch with vegan options and time for chatting. We continue into the afternoon finishing at around 3pm with additional tutoring sessions available with our master-craftsmen. Our in-house stays include all meals and accommodation and local transport daily for afternoon/sunsets at the beach if desired.

Bamboo Creative Workshop VIP Internship 1 week package

All inclusive 7-day Accommodation, Tuition, Tour package: Accommodation in the bamboo house and daily meals are included.Also includes:Saturday afternoon Craft workshop and Sunday Afternoon Plastic hunt and Night tour to the hot spring in Penebel.


We offer a sliding-scale contribution approach to make this learning accessible to the everyone (through our Internships Program). Please communicate whatever way you feel you can pay/contribute and also offer your skills and time. Whether you’d like to contribute more physically through Skills/Labour, financially or to developing aspects of the disability program with our local school for kids with special needs… We are committed to finding ways to collaborate which are mutually beneficial for everyone… offering support for special needs families also to be included and experience a supportive family environment. Programs are tailored to individual needs and requests – so get in touch to discuss your needs and ideas.

We rely on others sharing their knowledge with us; We rely in/on good-will; We are encouraged to have a spirit of gratitude within ourselves; We believe in paying it forward, balancing the feminine and masculine outlooks to gain peace and prosperity. More than anything, we want to nurture people who genuinely care and are prepared to commit the time to learn a skill and work together with other humans in a harmonious way and help to share these skills and knowledge that can make our world TRULY Sustainable… and that means helping 70-80% of the world’s population who live on less than $10/day access what has been termed “The Sustainable Building Material of the Future”. Our subsidised/in-kind stay rate is US$150/week (7 days/6 nights) which includes accommodation and meals (work exchange in the morning 9.30 til 12.30pm and bamboo workshop time in the afternoon 1.30-5.30pm). Please fill in the form below if you’re interested to apply

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Prior to living here in Bali my daughter and I lived in the Philippines (Palawan) where we stayed with several families for nearly a year… Living in Palawan, I witnessed local living conditions and wondered why bamboo wasn’t being used more by local people. When helping a family to build a small homestay house in Palawan (Salacot area), termites were a huge issue and wreakers of mass destruction without heavy chemical treatment. Also bringing water to homes from nearby water sources to save time and energy manually carrying water was an issue (no electricity in this area). When I came to Bali in mid-2016 I met Djuka Montenero (Farmers Yard Hostel founder) through HelpX and became fascinated with Indoneisan bamboo building techniques. I realised that Bali was the place to learn about bamboo and helped Djuka build a Lumbung (traditional rice barn)-style room from bamboo which later became the basis for this “Sky-Kubu” design. I returned again in 2017 and started this bamboo project with local craftsmen and volunteers and started cottoning on to local skills and knowledge…

I progressed to bamboo after realising that living INSIDE Earthships may not be so desirable in tropical environments (due to insufficient ventilation and high humidity) and having started my dreaming for disability community design back in 2013/14, with the intention of having an Earthship base and then a bamboo structure (main living space) above which could be evacuated in the case of a cyclone… However I couldn’t quite convince the locals here on the car tyres aspect … So decided to just focus on the bamboo structure and learn Everything I could about this material and to keep sharing along this journey.

It’s not the skills themselves… it’s the Environment we create practicing them… maybe not quite like a knitting circle (I don’t know I’ve never been to one… but those crocheting circles in Australia seem quite dangerous and all with those Anti-Coal Seam Gas Nanas going around crocheting trees and pushbikes). But it’s this “Being” state, and Being together which nourishes me, bringing me out of my “isolation”… and being welcomed into a sense of connection and in working with others which feels like family (familyful – my new word for the day)… It’s not rocket-science raising a special-needs child/person, but in the society I came from living in in Australia, opportunities to live and work this way are/were rare. In Asia, there just seems to be more people around and a more natural inclination for people to offer to help each other and more of a sense of “ease” in general.

I hope to return to Palawan again and stay with the families in the beautiful and relatively unspoilt area of the hillsides behind Napsan (probably now like Bali was 30 years or so ago) and bring what I have learned and support their ability to access sustainable renewable technologies which can help improve living standards/ ease/access to things we take for granted in the western world – like running water and light at night.

Josh our Intern from California who helped create a Parkour-Play program for kids at our local school for special kids – while learning about making Parkour equipment from bamboo

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Bamboo courses

We also offer bamboo courses/workshops if you’re interested to come and work with us and learn about building with bamboo and natural/recycled materials in a comprehensive way. Enlisting in our Paid Workshops enables us subsidise the costs of others who are less able to contribute financially, but who may have valuable skills, time and abilities to help evolve the bigger picture of our project.

Bamboo Building Internship

VIP Day Internship

Day Workshop One on One Instruction for developing your skill and/or bamboo product. Available Monday to Friday – Our VIP interns get one-on-one assistance every day for 4-5 hours to focus on and develop their chosen skill/product. Our morning starts at 9.30 with fresh jamu/coconut/coffee and brief intro and chat about what your aims are (you can have input prior so we can tailor the workshop to your needs).


Photo of Freyr’s Bamboo Home - looking up from the ground level. Freyr’s mum Natalie is standing at the bottom left with a wheelbarrow

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