Friends of Freyr Kids Club

Friends of Freyr club is a kid’s club open to those wishing to participate in fun activities that encourage exploration, co-operation, development of manual building skills and problem-solving abilities. Bringing together culture and embodying the Asian spirit of “helping together”, our program brings people together to share skills in learning crafting to develop our creativity and right-brain thinking. Open to all abilities, we offer day activities and camp programs.

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Current Programs

Book Now and receive the special discount price. Pre-payment must be made by January 30 2020 to receive the discount price.

Bamboo Creative Day Workshop – Weekdays

10am to 3pm – Cost: AUD$45 per person

Special price: $35

Cob Ecobrick Pizza Party – Every Friday 

3pm to 8pm – Cost: AUD $30 per person

Special Price: $25

Friends of Freyr – Overnight Stay (Kids dorm)

5pm to 10am – Cost: AUD$45 pp

Special Price: $35

Friends of Freyr – 24 hour Parent Escape

5pm to 5pm – Cost: AUD $105 pp

Special Price: $95/pp or $150 up to 3 kids.

NB. We have a kids dorm with 4 bunk beds. The dorm is not yet wheelchair-accessible

Freyr’s Bamboo Home – Denpasar, Bali.

Scheduled activities include bamboo-building and craft, cob (earth and straw) building, eco-brick (repurposed plastic), cooking natural food and pizza-making. Our day programs and overnight camps are run at Freyr’s Bamboo Home in Denpasar, 15-20min from Seminyak Beach.

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