Friends of Freyr

I am working to establish a not-for-profit trading co-operative FRIENDS OF FREYR for people with special needs compatible with my daughter’s and families who may want to visit/spend time in Bali and be part of a supported lifestyle and activity program which could include farming activities, yoga and music program, helping prepare meals in a warung/restaurant run by the staff/families of local kids… I would like to help local families to build natural-building homestay rooms on their land to accommodate guests/families coming to join the activities through the Bamboo Creative program and see local staff receive training to work with disabilities so they can gain employment helping care for kids and also be qualified to run their own component of the disability care/homestay holiday where clients can come from overseas to according to their “timeshare” and have a “supported holiday”.

Our inclusive program for 2020 is now accepting bookings. Friends of Freyr, an inclusive program for Special Needs and Different Abilities, aims to provide special needs families and individuals an opportunity to have a social and cultural experience of local life in Bali and to visit and participate in activities with our local school program and meet family respite needs. We are a co-collaboration on developing social inclusion and meaningful participation in worthwhile ventures that enrich our experience of life by being IN COMMUNITY with others.

We can assist in supporting parents/carers who need some time out to find some solitude/sanctity for a little while… Kids can come and stay in our dorm room with Freyr and our carers) and join Freyr’s school program at Sunrise School: Mon-Wed (9am to 3.30pm) and Thursday (9am to 1.30pm). Parents can stay also or find a quiet place nearby. We know of several fabulous spots to unwind from Kintamani to Tabanan and Ahmed. We can offer carer support starting in January with our carer if support is needed through as well as for adults with special needs in need of assistance/support (part/full time). Everyone is welcome to join our activities at the bamboo house with building and making crafts from bamboo, recycling and up-cycling… I like to share with others my own vision for living in Revivement Community with my daughter and would like to discuss and create the potential for such a village to exist in Bali/Lombok and also in Australia. I look forward to evolving this idea with others and co-creating events which will enable groups of families to have supported time out and create a wider discussion and platform to make it a tangible reality.

My aim is to provide a space for activities where young people and adults with disabilities feel included and to ease the care burden for parents of special needs children. Through enabling access to inclusive activities and helping build our space, volunteers and guests participate in learning and sharing, music and dance, play-therapies, food-making, and sharing time building and crafting with bamboo. I aim to create a collaborative model which enables my daughter to be part of a sustainable long-term community village co-operative in partnership with a local partner non-profit organisation, other families and organisations. I have a separate website evolving a Vision for inclusive collaborative care and community formation at

I can now offer help to other families by providing support for children/young adults with special needs on a part time or full-time basis if parents want to get away for some “retreat time”, just want some time through the day to themselves, or if the person/child is travelling alone, travel with them from Australia and be their support worker for up to 30 days.

Our guests are welcome to join Freyr’s school program and we have access to local carers and nurses who can help provide support also. Please get in contact to discuss individual needs and requirements as there may be some price variation for complex needs and nursing care and/or onsite 24 hour medical support.

Please note also, we have distinguished the price of disability assistance and support from the accommodation, meals and activity program below that. Currently we are offering a discount for immediate/upfront payment for care services which may be booked flexibly below (I.E. you may adjust your booking with appropriate notice – see our terms and conditions).

Disability Support and Activity Co-ordination (AUD)

Rates include all physical support and activity co-ordination, staffing etc.

I look forward to working with other families, people with special needs and organisations interested in my mission who would like to engage/contribute to this project – whether financially or in-kind, through donations, becoming a co-contributor towards the organisational Co-opertaive formation or as a fee-paying guest/visitor/client. As an events organiser and contractor, I hold a multiple entry business visa here to operate as a consultant to individuals and businesses/organisations outside Indonesia to arrange visits organising accommodation, activities care and transport and equipment need for clients travelling to Bali.

As a support worker, I have an Australian ABN and am registering also with Hireup and Mable and can provide personal care, one-on-one support with daily-life activities. I am happy to help also with arranging travel plans, organising accommodation, transport, tours and local activities, as well as basic translation and shopping. I especially enjoy product sourcing and connecting with local families for potential opportuneur/innovative small business partnership formation/s (for small trade and market stall businesses for people with special needs).

I have 17 years experience with special needs raising my daughter who has intellectual disability and traits of autism, she is non verbal and loves music, tactile play (sand especially) and being in water. I also have experience supporting a gentleman with Cerebral Palsy (an NZ computer programmer who types with his toe and has 2 wonderful children) and ran my own massage business in Cairns for 6 years. We have spent the last nearly 4 years living in Bali/Indonesia and have been building a house here. My daughter attends a special school program and I have been learning about bamboo and natural building.

Accommodation, Inclusive Program and Meals

Overnight Stays (Kids dorm)

5pm to 10am – Cost: AUD$45 per child/guest

Special Price: $35

24 hour “Parent Escape”

5pm to 5pm – Cost: AUD $105 per child Special: $95/pp or $150 up to 3 kids.

  • AUD $85 nightly (24 hours)
  • AUD $530 weekly (7 days)
  • AUD $948 fortnightly (15 days)
  • AUD $1862 one month (up to 30 days)

NB. We have a kids dorm with 4 bunk beds. The dorm is not yet wheelchair-accessible

Freyr’s Bamboo Home – Denpasar, Bali.

Scheduled activities include bamboo-building and craft, cob (earth and straw) building, eco-brick (repurposed plastic), cooking natural food and pizza-making. Our day programs and overnight camps are run at Freyr’s Bamboo Home in Denpasar, 15-20min from Seminyak Beach.

Want to join us?

We are currently setting up as a legal entity in Indonesia and are preparing our strategy for providing ongoing and occasional care for families and individuals with special/diverse needs/disabilities which is in line with our vision to create inclusive community for myself, my daughter, and other human beings on this planet. Freyr needs to return to Australia ASAP to become eligible for her disability benefits and funding through the NDIS (Australian National Disability Insurance Scam…. oops!) as we have no further income from Child Support payments which is how we’ve supported ourselves up until now. She is now considered to be an adult and I have spent every cent practically on building this project over the past 3 years and supporting Freyr to live with me. We now in need to raise funds urgently for establishment of our legal entity in Indonesia and also to cover costs of sending Freyr and her Carer to Australia. If I go back to Australia now – I will be homeless, businessesless, timeless (in that I would be “back” looking after my daughter 24/7 and battling the bureaucratic system’s “fight for sanity’ ( I call it). So, nah, I haven’t received a Carer Payment or any support since 2017 so it’s not “my responsibility’ I’m afraid. Sending Freyr back will give me the following 6 months to focus and develop the full scope of our project here in Bali AND provide care for “other kids” – so when Freyr returns again (after 6 months I’m estimating – as that is the amount of time she must reside in Australia before she will be considered to be an “Australian Resident” again) I will actually be able to spend time with her and be able to enjoy her marvellousness again without having to worry about how the *%@# I’m going to support her.