Friends of Freyr All-abilities Club

Learn to Design and Create with Bamboo and recycled materials

This program is open to all ages and abilities wishing to participate in fun activities which bring people together to share in learning about Indonesian culture and crafting while developing creativity and right-brain skills/ thinking and embodying the Asean spirit of “helping together”. 

Where: Freyr’s Bamboo Home borders the Seminyak green belt of urban Rice Fields in Denpasar, Bali. The design is based on a traditional “knock-down” Lumbung/Rice barn from near Jogjakarta (brought to Bali by Djuka Montero of Farmer’s Yard Permaculture Hostel in Canggu) and has been elaborated into a “Bamboo Earthship Sky-KUBU”. Come and see us and immerse yourself in the world of Bamboo…  Sometimes we host workshops in other locations around Denpasar/Canggu/Pererenan/Sanur.

When: We host Day Programs and Activities at our Bamboo House in Denpasar and also Collaborations with other local groups focused on Sustainability at a Community Level. Whether you would like an on-line experience or be with us in-person… Our schedule is flexible though most Saturdays we will have a workshop/event on (Check our Facebook/Instagram or subscribe to our blog for updates).

What: Our activities combine learning about building with bamboo – whether furiture and/or woven items, traditional crafts, including toys, with relearning the art of being and feeling presence and being part of a community of people. The Balinese demonstrate so well the ability to just Be – It seems that everyone here has a sense of meaning, a role and a purpose in their community. You can be part of building the sustainability infrastructure of the future through participating in these programs.

We would like to offer to share this experience with others as we host activities for learning skills and sharing in the local culture of Bali and will also be hosting discussion/support groups for how this kind of community and learning could be transported to places we need it (like Australia) and also to support people with special needs to partner with us to start their own businesses in the area of creating crafts and products that they would like to sell (whether having a market stall or local shopfront, online store or niche product line. (Read more about our Disability Entrepeneur Program and Freyr’s Fabulous Fabrik think-tank for those looking to design a product they can have made in Bali with our local network of craftspeople. 

Coming from a more “DEVELOPED”  country, where we seem to have lost some of our poise and connection along the way to aspiring towards “SOPHISTiCATION”, it’s interesting to note the correlation between lower depression and axiety levels in cultures/populations who continue to practice manual skills and handicrafts and this points to the importance these “passtimes” have in our societies – not only for our cultural identity and sense of belonging with our community but also in our sense of Social Meaning – and Interdependence. Our morale and inner strength comes at a certain  level from knowing our Roots and having a sense of Connection with others. Indonesian Culture imparts a strong sense of caring for others and mutual obligation.

With the “importance ” we have given to Money, we have become a little ostracized from traditional crafts and passtimes – even to the point they have become relics of a past era – and our modern society’s Need for money has devalued their original purpose/function and place in our societies. Imagine living in an economy where people gifted and traded their goods and produce – without the need to “earn salary”; being in a state of timelessness surrounded by one’s family and children weaving a beautiful mat or basket, or preparing strips of bamboo to make a new floor or roof…  The sense of people just Being – hanging out; Present – That’s the thing i enjoy most about living here in Indonesia. And whether when we walk to the markets and sit with others or along the river or driving around… I feel a sense of connection here between people and the rhythm/flow of daily life.

Here people smile at Freyr – when we sit down or walk somewhere and people always talk to us and ask questions, want to include Freyr – whether by giving her something or just saying hello. I know people will keep an eye on her if i go and buy some vegetables and that she is accepted. That’s what really motivates me to live here and have her cared for in this environment… In Australia I just feel lost and disconnected – like she and I don’t “belong” anywhere. And that’s why this initiative is dedicated to Freyr and developing a business around her which can also help others to find what they love and connect with local families here and create livelihoods centered around shifting purpose and meaning in our lives towards Living and Sharing and supporting each other to live a full and enriching life.

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Saturdays 11am – 2pm

Bamboo Craft Workshop: Learn to design and create with bamboo…