Understanding privilege…

It’s wasn’t until I actually lived with local families, in Indonesia and in Philippines that my eyes were opened to the global caste system we are living in. In modernised/western countries… we grow up blind to the reality of world powers which dictate people’s currency value and hence the living standards of the people living in those countries… and I wonder why it’s seen as acceptable to pay local people less than $10/day??? I imagine one day in the future, people will look back aghast at how our society operated …

I still can’t understand why countries like Africa and Indonesia are poor. I mean all their wealth is being raped and given/taken rather to “rich”/privileged countries… We’re taught to think of countries like Africa as “poor”… but it’s the western financial system that MADE them poor…! I wish more people would stop to think about it. And realise how sheerly we stand above others with living standards just taken for granted as “normal”… thanks to those countries being overthrown by force years ago… God Save the Queen… or not. Is it time to rethink monarchy, world power structures, and about Who has the right to dictate what your national currency is worth anyway?

There are broad correlations/commonalities globally in Post-Colonised countries which we as “westerners”/“privileged people are ignorant of our influence over… As old Rothschild or one of those founders of the world banking system said: “I care not who governs a country – as long as i can control it’s currency”. 

While we wait for the “elite” to do something about climate change economics, I feel that it’s important for those of us born with the privilege of being born into cultures/societies with the economic upper-hand do something to enable ACCESS to technology that can make life greener, “easier”, more conveninet and less-polluting (which exists but may not be judged as having high economic returns so probably wont be backed by governments/investors) and enable people born into Post-Colonised cultures/societies whose currencies are worth around a tenth of ours, and for whom it is nearly impossible to access capital (without owning a brick and tile house) – to make attractive/sustainable livelihoods – by being Custodians of their traditional lands… and not be forced into the past and current trend of selling off their land/s and migrating to cities in search of a ” better life “…

At present there is incredible disadvantage and disincentive to maintain a lifestyle close to nature that's non or less-polluting than what would be produced living in an urban environment where more plastic is needed and fossil fuels consumed. 

I disagree wholeheartedly that urbanisation is the Only way forward for the world population as a whole…. A worldview that “intelligent” people in developed countries hold. I offer that, as it’s been our privilege since Colonisation and since the literal rape of other cultures’ way/s of survival and economies/trading systems – and not saying everything was perfect before Colonisers/the colonial system arrived/conquered but… It’s about time we as westerners acknowledge the privileged position we continue to have/hold and utilise the power/capacity of financial resources in the current and future financial systems to ensure that the HUGEST segment of the world population- who continue to live on less than $10 a day in most cases… Are able to afford to live sustainably without being in debt and creating perpetual wealth for the World Bank through and /or other “financial” aka wealth-accumulators (which current Aid is – just a way to create debt and loan-repayments from “poor” countries in perpetuity).

It seems like current sustainability goals, by default of the system they are born out of, continue to look down on the “poor” and try to make them into cogs that will advance the overall economic machine of capitalistic reality – and though Earthlaws and some economic assessments are starting to account for the less-tangiable benefits (ecosystem and societal health) which don’t directly produce or relate to “dollars and cents” but which do actually make “sense” to the future of humanity and society as a living system(!) – I don’t see that it’s possible for those interests to see past their own interests and greed: Transformation needs to take place at a fundamental level for world wealth to be channeled to where it’s actually needed and can make the greatest impact… And it doesn’t take “millions” at a level of funding “aid”/“developmental” programs but just to enable individual communities to access a few thousand dollars to buy infrastructure and access technology which can transform farming systems, access to water, and enable these communities to thrive. 

I’m over ivory castles and working in government: I admire the people that can do it and have the nouse to talk the talk but I am a practical person who’s born to do the work and GO OUT THERE – I beleive we just gotta get out there and START doing it – and bureaucracy will catch up in its own sweet time if it can… and I trust Divine Timing and that now we actaully ARE in the new age and geebies creebies – we better be ready for some awesome synthesises and magnetic magical collaborations spanning all spectrums on this rainbow bridge we are creating to the future… I’ve always been able to see a bit ahead of trends as they’ve come and gone and this now feels like the biggest thing that I was born to do and help birth in this life/lifetime… Now is the time! Time to BE the change!!

It can be overwhelming right now at this time when we look at the world situation… but one thing we can ask ourselves is “How can i help?” – to be that bridge towards helping create a brighter future than the one we are being “warned about” or “scared” about… Community is key to our future together as one humanity… It is time to acknowledge and live from the fact that we owe more to the future generations of our planet, than we do to present governments and businesses. We don’t have to accept a ride on a slide to oblivion and now we are even more crucially responsible for stepping off the “unhealthy” and distorted direction humanity has taken due to the corruption of natural law to which we are tied at all levels through our very existence and reconnecting to/with mother earth… to find meaning at the crux of our humanity and Through Community – reconnect with others and ourselves through the physical world and becoming part of this great healing that is collectively transforming our Earth, our planet… through awareness and coming together and just Being in Peace together. 

I could go into some examples of where i have experienced these transformations in my life… being here in Bali with my daughter (who is intellectually disabled and where I have built a house for her (from bamboo – with the intention of learning about this material and how it can be applied in building “earthship” structures/dwellings)… with whom it was very difficult to live with in Australia and for whom I hold a vision of living in Inclusive Community with (ok truth is – i need my own sanity – but I’m just drawn to this concept of where we can live and be part of daily community activities which enhance our lives and become the thread with which our lives are woven together in fun and just the antics of day-to-day living… it’s not rocket science… but eating healthy food, gardening together, being in a group to support kids with special needs and sharing our talents in art and music – sounds to me much better than eating from a feed-lot supermarket and being isolated in a suburban dog box listening to my daughter 24/7 stimming on her iPad and my brain going nuts. . . They say: Necessity it the mother of invention. Not that Community is a New thing, golly gosh, We’ve just been conditioned to live these “separate lives” where we are more easily “controlled” and led as consumers to power an economy based on endless consumerism and making profit… not living the natural way, close to nature, taking only what is needed and sharing with others.

Having lived alongside local people in Bali and in the Philipinnes in terms of seeing everything from what a house is built out of, to what people sleep on, how/where fuel for cooking is sourced, to how they boil water in the morning to make coffee, to where they poop and shower and get water… and then trying to comprehend that at 70% or more of the world population… radically changed my view of life and of my position on Earth. I see we have much to relearn about family and community from Asean cultures… and I believe that economy and society can and will evolve to create something amazing (even more amazing) that is going to bring about global change and transformation.


  1. Africa is a continent, not a country and repeatedly stating Africa as a country has completely undermined the entirety of your evaluation .


    1. Hi Gabriella, thanks for pointing out my mistake. I should have said “in” Africa. Of course there are many… and i was referring to the continent… I’m trying to think of how to adjust my sentence so indonesia fits in there too. Maybe it would be more appropriate to refer to Africa as a nation… what do you think?


      1. It is never appropriate to address Africa as a nation. You can speak of the African continent, individual continent, and Indonesia as a country.


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