Bamboo Creative Hostel:

Welcoming seasoned ecowarriors and global nomads, all friends searching for meaningful ways to contribute in our lives and tap our creativity… finding our purpose… or letting it dawn on us that we are already here living our purpose: Whatever the case may be for you, we hope to include you in the array of ways we are making ourselves available to interacting with the broder community locally and globally.

We are building an Eco-friendly Urban Bamboo Home in the city for Freyr – our beautiful daughter who has Autism. With local craftsmen and artists, builders and friends from around the world….

Experience living “local” in the vibrant urban area of West Denpasar bordering on Seminyak.. in a Bamboo “Sky Shack”… join in helping us build using bamboo, earth and up-cycled materials and the odd cow pooh: Learn about bamboo construction with practical hands-on opportunities to help us build Freyr’s Bamboo Home – our therapy play-space for special needs children and their families from around the world. Learn about the Real Bali and what issues affect people in developing countries… understand global problems from a local perspective…

We love to meet people seeking to form their own kind of eco-communities and share ideas, inspiration and knowledge. We encourage visitors to actively become part of the solution to alleviating global problems through understanding them from a local perspective… the biggest being TRASH.

We aspire to be a Zero Waste household by actively demonstrating responsible disposal of plastic for use as a construction material for our bamboo project and separation of other trash. We aim to also assist our local neighbourhood to become zero-waste over time and address local problems directly. We offer activities to make fun ways for locals and travellers to meet and share culture and experience to bring “village live” back into urban areas.

We want to share in and teach as many skills, adventures, experiments and new learnings with as many friends as possible! Our space is an inclusive one and we invite guests to participate in our daily workshops or can tailor a more specific program/learning experience on request…

Weaving and making bioplastic – at Bamboo Creative Bali

See how bamboo and up-cycled materials can be used in urban living. Join our workshops for practical hands-on opportunities to learn building skills and Find your own Zen learning to craft with bamboo from our mastercraftsmenContribute to building Freyr’s Bamboo Home – a Therapy Playspace for Special Needs Children and their families in Bali…

See also our Workshop Page

or Contact Us! for booking enquiries.

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