School Holiday Workshops

We’re pleased to have Arief Budibasuki joining us again in June/July to host kids workshops through the school holidays.

Learning to create from bamboo can bring us into our feeling-awareness in our bodies and help focus the mind. Skill development and dexterity for using our hands are often considered unimportant, however, being able to make what we can imagine… and also improvise can bring us a sense of satisfaction that’s rare in today’s busy world.

Last year we started our Kids Workshops and made swords, shields, bows and arrows (with foam stoppers), insect houses, and tool boxes. This year our focus will be more around toys and small crafts… though we usually also discuss interests together and ideas develop as we go along as to what will be our focus for the week.

As a general outline:

Week 1 (17 – 21 June)Toolboxes and Traditions… Basic priciples, safety, storage, selection and choose your project.Full
Week 2 (24 – 28 June)Toys and Tangles: Making small toys and figures and recycled fabric clothesFull
Week 3 (1 – 5 July)Trash Butt… Make your own chair – stool from bamboo and plastic trash; help build our Plastic Throne
Week 4 (8 – 12 July)Stack and Style… make your shelves and carry-bag from bamboo
Week 5 (15 – 19 July)Bamboo Music… Bamboo Xylophones: Gamelang Orchestra and recycled percussion.
Week 6 (22 – 26 July)Bamboo Gardens and Weaving: Gifts and handy skills for hanging at home
  1. All sessions include safety and site induction. Free flow water is available. Cold drinks available for purchase and BYO lunch or Rp.35,000 for local salad and rice lunch (with chicken satay or tempe) and fresh coconut water.
  2. All weekly sessions run from Monday to Friday 10.30am to 3.30pm with 1 hour lunch at 12pm. Minimum 3 sessions/week. Rp. 170,000/session or Rp. 700,000 for all 5 sessions per week.
  3. Maximum participants 5 per session
  4. Ages: 8 – 15 years

Any further queries, please send us an email or Whatsapp message +62 812 37906885

Book Here:

Please arrange your sessions here and we will send you an invoice through paypal.

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